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It's Just One Game

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

I spent today with “The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan”. My dad.

He asked me a few days ago if I could take him to the hospital today. He had an “appointment”. The “appointment” turned out to be a little more heavy duty than what he had prepared me for. That was my first surprise.

After his “procedure” was completed the doctor took me, the immediate family member, aside for some information dissemination. My audience lasted about 15 seconds and contained one or two words that I wasn’t expecting to hear today. That was my second surprise.

Later, back at his place, my dad asked me to stick around and watch the Cubs/Dodgers game with him.

When I took out some graph paper and started to keep a running scorecard, his reaction was something between pleasantly surprised and knocked speechless. Keeping score has always been his passion. His first stop inside Wrigley Field is ALWAYS to pick up a scorecard. He makes his notations religiously. He taught me how, but I never really got into it. Oh, I’ve covered him for a half inning or so if he has to make a pit stop or a beer run, but I was never all that into keeping score. So me keeping score today was maybe his first surprise.

You already know how tonight’s game turned out.

The experts were predicting a low scoring game. I guess they were half right.

Ron Santo sounded very exasperated tonight.

The Cubs needed pitching, defense and timely hitting. They got good defense. And one out of three ain’t bad.

It seems the Cubs’ pitchers felt they had to ante up in order to get into the game. And their ante seemed to be “give up a home run”, or at least “extra bases”. Jason Marquis gave up a 4 bagger to the first batter he faced. Jeff Samardzija gave up a triple (or a double plus an error) to the first batter he faced. Sean Marshall gave up a homer to the first batter he faced in the 7th. Ryan Dempster gave up 3 walks, then the grand slam and a double in the 5th.

Let me make this very clear: Every Cubs pitcher does NOT have to give up a homer.

The Cubs’ lead off hitter went 0 for 5. Their second batter went 0 for 4.

At one point during the game my dad reminded me of a local beer commercial from way back. It goes like this:
I’m from Chicago, and I ought to know,
It’s Blatz Blatz Blatz Blatz, where ever you go.

The Cubs’ third and final out of the 9th inning had barely been recorded on my scorecard when my dad leaned over and said: “Ahhh, it’s just one game”.Bad News Bears full

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Cubs Announce 25 Man Roster for Round 1

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

CHICAGO Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie the movie The Chicago Cubs today announced their 25-man roster for the 2008 National League Division Series that begins tonight against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs will carry 11 pitchers and 14 position players during the National League Division Series:

Pitchers (11):  LHP Neal Cotts, RHP Ryan Dempster, RHP Rich Harden, RHP Bob Howry, LHP Ted Lilly, RHP Carlos Marmol, RHP Jason Marquis, LHP Sean Marshall, RHP Jeff Samardzija, RHP Kerry Wood and RHP Carlos Zambrano

Catchers (2): Henry Blanco and Geovany Soto

Infielders (7): Ronny Cedeno, Mark DeRosa, Mike Fontenot, Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Theriot and Daryle Ward

Outfielders (5): Jim Edmonds, Kosuke Fukudome, Reed Johnson, Felix Pie, Alfonso Soriano

The 2008 National League Division Series begins tonight at Wrigley Field at 5:37 p.m. and continues tomorrow with Game 2 at 8:37 p.m., also at Wrigley.

The series shifts to Los Angeles on Saturday with Game 3 at 7:07 p.m. Pacific Time (9:07 in Chicago) at Dodger Stadium.  Game 4 (if necessary) is scheduled Sunday (time to be determined) and Game 5 (if necessary) would be played on Tuesday, October 7 at Wrigley Field (time to be determined).

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In Lou We Trust

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

“We know what everybody in this city wants, and we’re gonna try and give it to ’em”.

That’s the attitude. We’re all on the same page. We all want the same thing. Keep the eyes on the prize.

We are perfectly positioned to have the best chance for success here. Those who needed rest have gotten it. Those who needed additional playing time have gotten it. Those injuries which could heal have been given every opportunity to do so. Those injuries which won’t be healed in time, like a stress fracture, have been sent home to heal properly.

The team is rested, tuned up, fired up and ready to go. And so am I.

I was out walking Bowser last night, and it was kinda chilly. Even here down by the lake. So Cubbies, wear your gloves and long johns. Hard to play your best when you’re freezin’ to death.

Other than that, let’s do it.December Boys full Tinker Bell Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie movie download

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The Offseason Outlook – Part II

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Yesterday we took a look at what the roster would look like, assuming free agent potentials left the team. I think we saw that the team still has a very solid nucleus to build around. That being said, let’s take a look at those players that were missing from yesterday’s roster and talk about some of the possibilities involving them.

Bring ‘Em Back

Ryan Dempster
I went back to see what people were saying about Dempster at the beginning of the season and this was what I found:

Dempster should not be a starter. A great guy and a team player, but definitely not a major league starter. ~ Adam_ (March 26, 2008)

I’m glad he, and all of us really, were wrong about him. Dempster was the ace of the staff all year long. He was the most consistent starter throughout the course of the season and deserves to start the game tonight. Unfortunately, the Cubs find themselves with a bit of a decision to make about him. Looking at what the rotation would be without him, it’s tough to see Hendry not come to an agreement with Dempster. Jon Heyman mentions Panic Room rip that Jim Hendry has plans to bring Dempster back. I think is the only decision possible. He’s worth the chance you take on him. I don’t see him bringing in Sabathia type money, but he should get more that someone like Lilly got a few years ago. I can live with that. Just in case you were wondering, other options are: Jon Garland, Derek Lowe, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Randy Wolf

Rich Harden
There was some confusion yesterday on whether Harden was coming back. Just to set the record straight, the Cubs have a club option on Harden for 2008. Simply put, the Cubs choose whether or not they would like to bring back Harden for $7 million or grant him free agency. I think you’ve got to bring him back as well. At that price tag, the upside is too high to let him walk. Granted, the injury risk is there (Harden hasn’t pitched a full season in his career), but for what you get when he’s healthy, Harden is a value. If I’m making this decision, it’s a no brainer for me.

Kerry Wood
This guy took a hometown discount to come back and prove he can still be a meaningful part of the team. He’s not going to be a starter again, but you have to admit his presence in the bullpen was a welcomed surprise. He took one of the team. Now it’s time to reward that with a contract to bring him back for the bullpen. I think he needs to start the year as the closer, but I believe Carlos Marmol is just about ready to ascend to that role. Down the stretch our pen was less than elite. Wood can help solidify that need late in the game next year.

Reed Johnson
We got him off the scrap him. Bring him back on a short deal (1 or 2 years) as a 4th outfielder / platoon partner for someone like Felix Pie or Kosuke Fukudome. He’s played his butt off all year and made the most of every opportunity he was given. Given that the other options in the outfield are slim, another year of Reed is fine with me.

Nice Knowin’ Ya

Jim Edmonds – We caught lightning in the bottle, but it’s foolish to think he has more in the tank for next year. Let’s get him a ring to go out with and thank him for his time.

Bob Howry – He served his purpose at one time, but lately just serves up home runs. He’ll catch on somewhere, just not here.

Jon Lieber – He’s a good guy, but he’s not the same guy that won 20 games for us back in the day. Take care Jon.

Henry Blanco – This is one that I debated on for the simple presence that he brings. In the end, this is an area I think we can cut a corner on with Geo catching well and Koyie Hill serving as a serviceable back up.

Daryle Ward – He has his place on the right team. Unfortunate for him, Micah Hoffpauir has stepped up and finally deserves a spot on the bench of a Major League team. He doesn’t have the pinch hitting experience of someone like Ward, but he’s less of a defensive liability.

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