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  • The Cubs released RHP Leonel Perez and removed LHP Carmen Pignatiello from the 40 man roster. – (Source: Baseball America)
  • In the latest edition of Carrie Muskat’s mailbag, a reader asked the question about the Cubs need for a leadoff hitter. Carrie mentioned that Jim Hendry may revive talks with the Orioles for Brian Roberts, but that it would force Lou to have to convince Soriano to hit lower in the order. I’m tired of this “convince” terminology. What ever happened to the days that the manager decided who played, where they play, and for how long? I want to believe that Lou doesn’t feel like he has to cater to Soriano, but I’m not convinced. – (Source:
  • Jesse Estrada is slated to do some starting in the Arizona Fall League. Estrada is a fringe prospect at this point for the Cubs and probably needs to do something this fall to show the Cubs brass that he can make a trip to the Majors. He’s 24 and was less than impressive in Iowa this year, finishing with a ERA over 5.00. He did show a lot more propensity to strike batters out once he was promoted to AAA. One of the toughest challenges Estrada faced in 2008 was a line drive off the face in May. – (Source: Inside the Ivy)
  • Phil Rogers asked the question recently as to whether the Cubs would entertain the idea of bringing in Manny Ramirez and addressed the issue of moving Alfonso Soriano to LA to “soften the blow” for the Dodgers. Not only do I not want Manny and his antics, but I think it would be foolish to put him out there over Soriano, who is younger and less crazy. – (Source: Chicago Tribune)
  • Nick Carado mentions that Greg Maddux is considering retirement and has an interest in becoming a bench coach. I love Alan Trammel, but there has to be a way to get Maddux in here to help out on the bench. Even if it means two bench coaches, it’s worth it. – (Source: Boston Globe)
  • Jon Heyman had this quote about Andrew Jones. “[Frank] McCourt, who reportedly has unusual financial issues for the owner of a marquee team, is said to have been apoplectic over Jones’ putrid performance and at one point is believed to have considered the extraordinary but absurd step to request a refund of Jones’ $18.1 million salary.” That would be outstanding. If anyone needs to refund some money, Jones is the guy. What a massive bust. – (Source:

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  • Reebok introduced a new line of baseball bats called the Vector O series. The concept is that the holes near the base of the barrel, above the handle allow for a more aerodynamic swing thus creating more bat speed and a greater amount of power. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the argument against non-wood bats always been that they propel the ball at speeds to high for the pitcher to react to? Isn’t a bad idea, then, to create something that will be even more dangerous for the pitcher?
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