As many of you know, I still play baseball. In fact, Jose and I play in the same league, on a National level.

This year, was nothing like the Cubs’ year, as our mighty Lobos struggled through the regular season, myself included. We managed to win our play-in game to get into the playoffs, and then things started clicking. Of course, it always helps when your four pitchers show up each and every game. We went the full three games (each series is a best of three) in the semi finals, beating a strong offensive Diamondbacks team, and reached the Finals, last Friday. Things looked bleak when we went down by five runs in Game One, but we managed two comebacks, and won it late. Yesterday was a doubleheader, in which we were shorthanded, and just didn’t have the arms, and some seriously untimely defense. Much like the Cubs showing in the NLDS.

Although we lost, and my body is truly pissed at me today, it was one of the most exciting years we’ve had. Before this season, the Lobos had never won a playoff game. This year we won four, just not that one game that we needed in the final day.

I just want to thank the guys for yet another memorable season, and tip my hat to the Devils, which is becoming quite the little rivalry. As we’re all used to saying around these parts, “Wait til next year!”Black Dawn hd

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Been blogging on VFTB since 2006. It's been a long silly run thus far. I still play baseball in the Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League.