As I rode in on the train today, my iPod shuffled onto Velvet Revolver’s “The Last Fight.” Quite simply, it put the Cubs season into perspective for tomorrow night. As the chorus begins, “This fight, could be the last fight.”

I simply cannot comprehend how this team has managed to botch Games One and Two, as badly as they have. I’m trying, oh lord how I’m trying, to grasp what I’ve seen over the last two nights. I’m digging deep into my subconscious, trying to find explanations into why they performed so, badly when the law of averages should have this serious at least tied at one. How does Mark DeRosa mishandle a sure handed double play? How does D Lee have a short hop roll his arm and out of sight? Why the heck is Fukudome even in the lineup? And please, I don’t ever want to see Big Z on the brink of tears again. I like him emotional, just not like that.

Hand it to the Dodgers. They’ve out performed and most certainly out executed the Cubs thus far. They also haven’t had some unlucky bounces. With the series moving to La La Land, I’m hoping the pressure of all this 100 year nonsense, isn’t quite as heavy. Perhaps a change of scenery will clear their minds, and get this back on track to the way it’s supposed to be. Deep down, I really believe this is, and always was, going to go five games. Although, with last night’s loss, my gut instincts are a bit shaken.

Things I don’t understand thus far:

  • Lou playing Fukudome. I know he likes his defense, but he’s killing us in the batting order. Get Fontenot in. NOW. And moving him to the number two slot in Game One? Hello? WTF. Why is moving the lineup around now? Stick to what worked. Or is this how he managed Seattle?
  • Theriot. Please use your glove. That’s why they give it to you. Simply knocking that ball down was the best and only play you had. It would of keep runners in a force situation.
  • Soriano hits a lead off single. Then takes second on a wild pitch. Where’s the sac bunt? It’s early, you get a run to gain some momentum, and regain some confidence. Instead we watch Theriot strike out. I thought that was a bigger gaffe than anything else.
  • Errors, or Errahs as Mr. Stockton calls them, happen. They tend to happen in bunches. I guess we saved all ours up for the playoffs.
  • For whatever reason, I never noticed how balanced the Dodgers lineup is in regards to lefties and righties. Why do we continue to suffer with mostly right handed batters?

I’m not watching on Saturday. I can’t stomach it. Call me fair weather, but with the amount of games I watched over the course of the last six months, I deserve better. Which is what I’m going to do. I’d rather spend time at the local Octoberfest, at least I know I’ll leave happy.

Someone brought up what the point is of the best record, if you’re just going to blow it in the playoffs. This has been my biggest complaint about the moronic five game Division series. It gives the Wild Card or “lessor Division winner” a huge advantage. Mr. Selig, it’s time to make it Seven Games. Make it fair to the teams that truly are the best in the bigs over the course of six months. Not some flash in the pan team that gets hot at the right time, ala the 2007 Colorado Rockies.

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