There are two ways to look at last night. One school of thought is to be pessimistic and feel like the end of the world is upon us after the dismal performance turned in by basically the entire team. The other school of thought is to look at it from the viewpoint that it’s merely one game in a series of five, a series that the winner only has to play a game over .500 ball to win. Since I have no idea what school of thought you subscribe to, I figure I’ll present some material for both.

The End is Nigh:

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  • TBS ran a stat that was something like 24 out of 28 NLDS series, the team that has won the first game has won the series.
  • Alfonso Soriano looked completely lost at the plate and appeared willing to swing at any pretty little breaking ball that looked his way. That played out to the tune of two K’s and three men left on base.
  • Every pitcher that entered the game gave up a run, and one of them wasn’t even Bob Howry.
  • The loss yesterday puts big time pressure on a guy like Zambrano who really doesn’t need any extra pressure at this point.
  • Home field advantage now goes to the Dodgers as they steal one from us at home. We’ve played terrible with the bat in LA this year, which adds more pessimism to the mix.
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Come on, it’s only a game:

  • Taking a look at the rotation we have coming for the next three games, it’s as good if not better than what we ran out there last year for games 1-3 against Arizona. Zambrano, Harden and Lilly come next and swapping Harden for Hill is alright with me. Why panic yet?
  • Kosuke Fukudome did his job defensively with a nice play going over the mound in foul territory and making a catch. He also hit the ball really hard but was credited with reaching on an error. He shouldn’t be in the two hole, but he played acceptable for a seven or eight hitter.
  • Mark DeRosa didn’t appear to show any effects of the calf injury that kept him out for the last series, and he even provided a big home run to get the Cubs on the board early.
  • Neither Kerry Wood or Carlos Marmol came in yesterday so they are fresh and ready to go if needed tonight.
  • The crowd seemed to suck last night so we should still get some momentum from a good crowd tonight.
  • The Dodgers are pitching a 24 year old kid tonight. There is a chance he may get caught up in the moment and come out looking like Jeff Samardzija looked last night. He could over throw, which may allow us to get to him early.

Regardless of which way you fall right now, it’s a must win tonight. Am I worried? Yes, but am I panicking? No Way!!! I Still believe we’re going to win the World Series this year and tonight is just the first step on that journey.

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