Lou announced in yesterday’s pregame show that today, Monday, was going to be a day of rest for him. No baseball thoughts. No thinking about who’s healthy and who’s injured. No thinking about who’s hitting and who’s not. No thinking about who’s gonna start and who’s gonna relieve. No thinking about who matches up with whom. So I’m gonna take day of rest, too.

Rest and relaxation. R and R. Or rest and recuperation. R and R. Or rest and rehabilitation. R and R. Sometimes referred to as I and I (you can fill in the blanks).

I think Lou said he might get in some golf. I’m not a golfer but if I were, today would probably have been a good day for it. At least until the rain started.

I gotta tell you, my day got off to a really good start. Then I walked Bowser and did some yardwork. Took a load of brush to the dump. I may still fit in a run and some bicycling and some some reading, too.

A day without the Cubbies between the regular season and the playoffs. I would tell you about the book I just finished, but that would bring up the “C” word and I’m not going there today.

Maybe tomorrow. Not today. Today is a day of rest.

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I'm a third generation cubs fan, living in southeastern Wisconsin.