Ted (The Human Steamroller) Lilly is on the mound for the Cubbies, vs Ben Sheets for the Brewers. It’s a sunny afternoon at Miller Park. Let’s go!

In his pregame show, Lou used the word “audition”, so I’ll use it, too. The Brewers are fighting for their life today, while the Cubs are holding auditions. And The Auditioning Cubs take a 2-0 lead into the bottom of the first. Daryle, I take it all back.

Ted Lilly mows ‘em down. Brewers go 3 up and 3 down in the 1st, with 2 Ks.

Now Ted (The Human Steamroller) Lilly blasts a ground rule double over Corey Hart and bouncing over the fence. But, with runners on 2nd and 3rd, Fuku flies out to center TO END THE INNING.

I hate to say it, but Ronny Cedeno E6s Prince Fielder to 1st. The Steamroller gets the Brewers to ground into a fielder’s choice and then tap a bouncer back to the mound. Oh, yes, Ted Lilly is looking good today. We move to the 3rd inning with the Cubs leading 2-0.

An error and wild pitch put Cedeno on 2nd with no outs. Sheets walks two to load the bases with one out. Fontenot lines a single to right, scoring two runs. Cubs lead 4-0, and that’s all for Ben Sheets. Mark DiFelice is the new pitcher. And so the inning ends. Fuku will lead off the Cubs 4th.

In the 3rd Ted Lilly rolls right over the Brewers, 3 up and 3 down. I’m likin’ it.

Fuku draws a walk!! And steals 2nd!! Wooo Wooo Fuku!! And takes 3rd on Micah’s ground out!! Where he dies as Daryle Ward fans to end the scoreless inning.

He’s a Steamroller, Baby!! 3 up and 3 down in the Brewers 4th. Score is 4-0, Cubs.

Lilly Steamrolls ‘em again the the 5th, 3 up and 3 down. Score is 4-0, Cubs.

And Fuku hits into a 6-4-3 double play to end the Cubs scoreless 6th. There have been 6 hits in this game. The Cubs have 6 hits.

In the Brewers’ 6th, Ted begins to throw some balls. He walks one and has to face 4 batters to get 3 outs. He’s a Steamroller, Baby!!

The Brewers’ bullpen is gettin’ ‘er done. The Cubs have gone 3 up and 3 down in the past 3 innings. Score is 4-0 after six and a half innings.

Ryan Braun breaks up the no-hitter with a double to left leading off the Brewers’ 7th. And somehow what should have been Prince Fielder’s fly out to short right center drops for a single. Two pitches into the 7th, The Steamroller is through for the day. Carlos Marmol comes in with Brewers on the corners and no outs. Marmol gets his Brewers 3 up and 3 down. Cubs lead 4-1.

Jason Marquis is pitching in the bottom of the 8th. One out, one walk, two hits, one run and one hit batsman later Neal Cotts comes in to face Prince Fielder. Score is 4-2. One pitch/E6. Score is 4-3. Neal Cotts is gone (through no fault of his own). Ooops, that was not scored as an error. Give Fielder a hit. Michael Wuertz comes in and gets two FCs to end the inning. Cubs lead 4-3. Jason Marquis didn’t do so hot. But Michael Wuertz goes to the head of the class.

Theriot singles and Fuku slams a 2 run homer in the top of the 9th. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Cedeno singles to right. The Cubs are lighting up the Brewers’ closer, Salomon Torres. And Mitch Stetter comes in to pitch to Micah with one on and no outs.

Micah pops out and Felix Pie walks. Stetter is gone; Todd Coffey is in with 2 on and 1 out. Reed Johnson singles to left, scoring Cedeno. Cubs take a 7-3 lead into the bottom of the ninth with Kerry Wood.

Three up and three down in the bottom of the 9th. Cubs win 7-3.

Ted (The Human Steamroller) Lilly had a no hitter through 6 innings today. Daryle Ward, batting clean-up, had a 2 run homer. Ronny Cedeno did not, in my opinion, distinguish himself today. Michael Wuertz performed exceedingly well today. Kosuke Fukudome broke the game open with a 2 run homer in the 9th. Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood performed up to their high standards. Jason Marquis had a rough go today.

For the Brewers, Ben Sheets didn’t have it today. Mark DiFelice and Dave Bush looked good in relief.

Tomorrow CC and Z will pitch.Dodsworth ipod UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine full

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