Hypothetically speaking, say you were to get lucky and score tickets for a Cubs playoff game. You got them for face value, and they’re damn good seats. You’ve never seen the Cubs live during the playoffs, and you think this may be the year.

Then you open up the paper and read a story on how much these tickets are going for on eBay and Stubhub, and you could stand to make chunk of change. You’re not in financial straits, but extra cash never hurt. It a moral dilemma of proposterious dimension. A blue blooded Cub fan that can’t decide if being part of history would be as nice as sizable bump in the bank account.

What would you do? Sell the tickets? Or go to the game?

By the way, they’re for game five of the NLDS. Let’s hope the Cubs make my decision easier, and just win in three or four.

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