Rich Harden walks the first 2 batters. This is starting to look like Deja-Vu all over again. Lordy, I’m sorry for that one there…

Bad decision by Mark DeRosa. Brewers lead 1-0. Oh man, another walk. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

The Cubs go 3 up and 3 down in the 1st. Cub batters are not instilling fear into opposing teams lately.

On the other hand, Harden now has 5 Ks in a row. That’s something to admire.

Edmonds bangs a homer to left center. I remember seeing him do exactly that many times when he was playing against us. Score tied 1-1.

Harden seems to have regained his groove. He fans Fielder to end the 3rd.

Soriano walks with 2 outs. A split screen showing the runner and the batter simultaneously would be of interest here. Soriano is thrown out trying to steal 2nd base. How ‘bout a replay of the tag at 2nd base?

Aramis lines one into the left field bleachers. Cubs lead 2-1. I would feel better with 10 more insurance runs (IWFBWTMIR).

And there goes Harden’s no hitter. The Brewers get no runs and strand 3 runners in the top of the 5th. Be still my heart. Harden didn’t seem to have his best control today, but the scoreboard shows only 1 run for the Brewers (to this point). And he allowed only 1 hit in 5 innings.

Soto is called out on strikes. Pitch Tracker shows the ball never crossed the plate. I like Pitch Tracker. Doesn’t help Geovany, though.

Mark DeRosa boots a routine double play ball which would have ended the Brewers 6th. Of course, you can’t assume a double play. Brewers tie the score 2-2. Brewers take the lead 3-2. Brewers lead 4-2. Right handed Randy Wells comes in to pitch. Please stop the bleeding. Brewers lead 5-2. 3 outs. Time for the Cubs’ bats to come to the rescue. Or not. We’ll see.

Cubs do nothing in the bottom of the 6th. Having toasted Yost seems to be working for the Brewers as we move into the 7th.

And we’re treated to one of the worst renditions of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in the history of mankind. With correspondingly bad results for the Cubs offense in the 7th.

OK, Cubs hitters. We need at least 3 runs and you’ve got only 6 outs to get ‘em. Fuku fans with one out. Pinch hitter Fontenot walks. Soriano fans. Well, it’ll be up to Theriot, Lee & Ramirez in the 9th. Cubs have 3 hits in the game so far.

Neal Cotts comes in to pitch the top of the 9th. He throws one pitch to Fielder which results in a double off the left field wall. That’s it for Cotts. I say Fielder has a heart attack before the end of the season. All that wiggles is not Jell-o.

Randy Wells has glue on his fingers. Brewers’ lead is 6-2. Cory Hart tries to advance to 3rd base when a pitch gets away from Geo. He is safe at 3rd. Fortunately for us, however, Hart is called out ending the top of the 9th.

Bottom of the ninth. Aramis hits a 2 out double. Edmonds gets an RBI base hit up the middle. Score is 6-3. DeRosa’s single puts Cubs base runners at the corners. The tying run is at the plate. His name is Geovany Soto. Soto jacks a 3 run homer to left. Score is 6-6. We have a new ball game. And Fuku grounds out to end the inning.

Marmol is pitching in the top of the 10th. 3 up 3 down. 2 Ks. On to the bottom of the 10th. The worm has turned!

Three up and three down. McClung strikes out the side. Kerry Wood comes in to pitch the top of the 11th.

K. Wood strikes out the side. Culminating with Prince Fielder. Again. That’s the kind of deja-vu I like. Come on, Cubbies. Any kinda run‘ll do.

Dee Lee fans. Ramirez walks, ending a string of 9 continuous strike outs for both sides. The winning run is on base with Edmonds up and 1 out. Edmonds gets tossed out of the game for noticing that the 2 strikes called on him were, in fact, balls. Pie hits into a fielder’s choice. 2 outs. DeRosa singles to left, pushing Pie to 3rd. Meanwhile, Howry is up in the Cubs bullpen. DeRosa takes 2nd base. Soto flies out to end the 11th inning.

Kerry Wood comes back out to pitch the top of the 12th. JJ Hardy singles up the middle. Cory Hart doubles to left center. Brewers have runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Counsell grounds out to 2nd. Runners hold. 1 out. Grounder to Ramirez, they get the lead runner out. 2 outs. Runners on 1st & 2nd. Third out Theriot to Lee. No runs cross the plate. That was good!

Carlos Villanuevo is pitching in the bottom of the 12th. Darryl Ward is swinging at air. Amazingly, Ward walks. Marquis runs for him and represents the winning run on 1st with no outs. Reed Johnson sac bunts the winning run to 2nd base with one out. Alfonso draws an intentional walk. Runners on 1st & 2nd with one out.

Theriot flies out to right. Marquis tags up and advances to 3rd with 2 outs. Smart base running, Jason. Soriano takes second base. He cannot score, but now the possibility of a force out at 2nd base has evaporated. Dee Lee singles up the middle, driving home the winning run. Cubs win 7-6. Dee Lee baby!!

Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. That was an exciting finish!

Kerry Wood gets the win. Go Cubs Go!

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