Turn Out The Lights by The Cubbie Dude 17 September 2008

Can you believe it?? I’m located smack dab in the middle of Chicago & Milwaukee & I can’t get this game on TV. ESPN is blacked out by Time Warner Cable. How can this be? The blue screen informs me that the game “can be seen on WMLW” whatever that is, but I’m not seeing it. I’ll be relying totally on WGN radio with Pat Hughes & Ron Santo. No offense, but it’s not the same. I was planning to listen to them anyhow, cause I can’t stand the guys on ESPN, but I thought I’d have a chance to see the game too. BOOOO!!

Mike Cameron steals 2nd base. Pat & Ron say he was out. I’ll never know. Instant replay might be useful in a case like this.

Marquis gave up a hit to the lead off hitter, Cameron, and walked the next two. Now Fielder hits a 3 run double to right field. Still no outs. 3-0 Brewers. Is it too early to say I have a sinking feeling about this?

And the Cubs go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 1st.

The Brewers go 3 up – 3 down in the 2nd. Things are looking up.

ARam homers to left. Now we whittle back that lead. 3-1 Brewers. When asked in the pregame show tonight, Billy Williams named Aramis Ramirez as his pick for MVP. I can see why.

Fielder walks on a pitch that Ron Santo says was right down the middle.

Sheets is gone? After 2 innings? Hmmmmmmm. Theriot’s called out on strikes. Santo says the pitch was 4 inches outside.

Angel Guzman makes a relief appearance for the Cubs. Ronnie says: “Pay attention to the runner at 1st”. He Ks the 1st batter he faces. He’s blowing fastballs at 96 MPH. Guzman gets the Cubs out of a jam. Sounds like the Cubs have a good thing in Mr. Guzman.

We head into the 7th with the score remaining 3-1 Brewers. Maybe I spoke too soon regarding Angel Guzman. He hit the 1st batter of the inning and gave up hits to the 2nd & 3rd. Score now 4-1. Now 6-1. Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

Kevin Hart comes in and hits his 1st batter. Not looking good.

The Cubs strand 2 runners in the bottom of the 8th. Maybe it’s a blessing that I’m not able to see this.

And, mercifully, the game ends. Cubs lose 6-2.

In the post-game interview Lou allows that the 2 walks in the first inning “didn’t help”.

Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all. We’ll put this one behind us and move forward. Tomorrow afternoon Rich Harden gets it done.

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