That was brilliant.

For the first time in 36 years, the Cubs have had a pitcher (Carlos Zambrano) throw a no-hitter (and, amazingly, Milt Pappa’s Wikipedia page

Blonde Ambition video

has already been updated to reflect that).

The Cubs scored 5 runs early in the game, but that really does not matter.

Big Z was phenomenal, with very good velocity (in the upper 90’s), great movement, good control, and simply unhittable stuff.

If there was any doubt about Z’s health, that should be gone.

And don’t look now, but all the Chicken Littles should note that the Cubs have now won three in a row, and lowered the division magic number to just 7.

Yes we can?

Added by Rob:

I am grateful that Len and Bob broke the stupid don’t mention the no hitter until its’ over rule. Len said it at the end of the eighth and Z still got the not hitter. I thought this was impossible because of the jinx factor.

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