I know it might seem really negative, but we have NO chance, as of tonight, of winning the division. We have an outside……very outside chance of winning the Wild Card, provided the Astros lose some, and the Mets and Phillies keep going back and forth on each other….and, provided the Dodgers and D’Backs beat up on each other much the same.

As of now, we are technically 10 games up on the Wild Card. With giving up 9 runs already tonight, an offense that has all decided to sleep at the same time, injuries to our two biggest pitchers—Harden and Z….We are absolutely screwed, and I actually cancelled my trip to Chicago for the playoffs. I don’t even believe that’s within reach.

I am actually starting to believe curses. Who could’ve seen this? I mean, our absolute longest losing streak was like 3 at one point, wasn’t it? Now, at five, and no end in site, I think it’s safe to say we’re done. The Brewers are winning their game, and have way better young talent than we have….In case you haven’t noticed, in the post-greenie era, veterans have largely struggled later on, just as we are. We have a fairly old team with Lee, DeRosa, ARAM, Soriano, Edmonds, Fukudome, Lilly, Dempster, Howry, etc. all in their thirties. The Rays, Red Sox, Dodgers, Brewers, Phillies, all have young talent. We have Soto and Theriot in our everyday lineup. The ONLY regular starter under 30. hmmmmmmmmm

is it so ridiculous? I could say you’re ridiculous. The excuse, “it’s only one game”, “a lot more games to play”, etc., aren’t going to fly anymore.

This team seems old, and is playing like it, and they flat out SUCK. This is crunch time. Here’s two facts:
1) It’s either feast or famine with this team on offense
2) If they have injuries, or tough times, they all crawl in a hole

I really do not think this team has a single vocal leader at all. I think Wood is leader of the pitchers, and Z is fairly vocal, but in a self-motivating way. If any of you have ever played ball, it doesn’t matter how vocal pitchers are—the everyday players keep apart from them most of the time anyway. If you have a clubhouse leader, he says, “get your head out of your asses, and start playing like we’re the best”

Other teams are rising to the occasion at the right time. The Dodgers, Mets, Phillies, and Astros are all playing like they have everything to gain and nothing to lose, while we are just flat out losers. We are just lucky as hell that the Brewers aren’t pulling away with this right now. SIX gentleman!!!!!!! SIX!!!!!!!!!!! This is September, NOT May. When you lose this many in a row when it truly matters, you don’t even deserve to make the playoffs. What that tells you is you don’t even belong there in the first place.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t want them there, but I believe that anything less than a World Series championship this year is an utter FAILURE. The Cubs limped into the playoffs last year. They got swept in Florida, then won the next two in Cincy, then got blown out in the last game. We sat back and watched a team with little plate discipline get swept by the D’Backs. On any other team, you see 2-3 runs put on the board by the other team, and you feel you have a chance. But not with that team, and now, unfortunately, the same broken record is playing at the end of this year.

It’s pathetic when the only team we can really seem to handle this year is the Pirates

~ Comment from Aarbear on 9/5/2008

Come on people. Get off the friggin’ ledge and sober up a little.

Fact – The Cubs lead all the NL in runs scored as a team by almost 60 runs.


Class of 1984 film

– The Cubs have a good number of young talent on this team: Carlos Zambrano (27), Rich Harden (26), Carlos Marmol (25), Chad Gaudin (25), Jeff Samardzija (23), Geo Soto (25), Ryan Theriot (28). All of those players are regular difference makers for the team.

Fact – The Brewers have # 3-5 starters with ERA’s over 4.10, while the Cubs 4 & 5 are that way.

Fact – The Cubs have winning records against 12 of the 15 teams in the NL with losing records against only Houston and Philly and a split with Washington.

Fact The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on dvd – According to Baseball Prospectus post season odds, the Cubs currently sit with a 81.7% probability to win the NL Central and a 99.3% probability of making the playoffs.

Fact – Tampa Bay has a 7 game losing streak this season, Milwaukee has had a 6 game streak, and Boston has had two separate 5 game streaks. Everyone goes through them.

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