During my short hiatus, no thanks to some glitch in the systems, I had to depend on other sites for my baseball fill. My VFTB withdrawal was a hard pill to swallow when you’re stuck reading substandard baseball reporting from the “big” sports news networks. Ugh. I can spew more worthless information about two East coast teams, whom will remain nameless, than I care to know. Double ugh. Yesterday, I came across this gem, “Why C.C. Sabathia should win the NL Cy Young,” by Steve Aschburner. It brought up some interesting history of AL guys coming over to the NL and making a case for the CY Young award even though they had roughly half a season of work. 

Wht C.C. has accomplished up north of the Illinois border, is nothing short of impressive. I’m not so sure I’d just hand it over to him just yet though. With about six weeks of baseball left, things go go south in hurry, it’s a little presumptious to be giving out awards just yet. If, and I don’t think it’s going to happen, the Brewers take the Central from the Cubs, then I would most certainly seriously consider it. Kind of like a certain redhead the Cubs snagged back in ’84.  What is it with the Indians?

That being said, I’d still have to look at C.C’s American League portion of the season before I went and handed him the award as well. I’m sorry but, I still think you have to look at the total resume. Granted he pitched on a underperforming Indians team, but he’s been there before. His 6-8 record was nothing to get too weepy over. Although his other numbers (WHIP, BB-K ratio, etc.) were impressive.  A dominant pitcher should still get a poor team a chance to win everytime they take the mound. It’s exactly why I don’t think Zambrano will ever win the award. the Cubs can’t count on him to shut down the opponent each and every game. He’s too inconsistent. 

I’m not sure how you can completely discount Brandon Webb, or our very own, Ryan Dempster. These two guys over the course of the entire season, have been the most consistent guys to take the bump. I guess, when I think Cy Young award, I think who was the most consistent pitcher that showed he was out classing hitters each and every game. For the whole season. Maybe I’m looking at all wrong. I just don’t think you can hand an award out to someone based off of a segment of their work. That’s like your manager giving  you a bonus based on two weeks of awesome work, while you sluff it the rest of the year. It don’t make no sense to me.The Siege trailer

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