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August 19, 2008

Cub Fans Owe the White Sox a Thank You Card

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As we head into the series with the Reds, I’ve decided that it’s time to give Kenny Williams and the White Sox a call and say thank you. Before you stop reading, let me explain why it’s important to take a time out and thank our cross town rivals. I’ve always been taught to be appreciative when people do things for you and to say ‘thank you’ in return for that kindness. With that being said…’Thank You, Kenny Williams and the White Sox for….’

  1. Trading for Carlos Quentin in the off-season – In December, Kenny Williams made a deal for Quentin in exchange for a nobody. Quentin was coming off a rough year in which he was a part time player for the Diamondbacks and was bad at that. The Diamondbacks were fresh off rocking the Cubs world in the first round and looked to be getting better this year with age and experience. By Williams pulling Quentin from the Sox, it got a potential MVP out of the National League. If the Cubs win this division, there is a good chance they will play Arizona in the first round. Imagine how bad that could be with a guy like Carlos Quentin in the mix. Thank You Kenny!!

  2. The Loss of Quentin prompted the Diamondbacks to acquire Adam Dunn – This brings us to the Reds. We face the Reds six more times this year and that will take place without Dunn, who has hit the Cubs better than any other team in the National League. The Reds offense doesn’t look anywhere near as imposing with the loss of the big slugger and that should allow us to steal some easy games down the stretch as we try to wrap this division up as soon as possible. Last year we were forced to drag it down to the wire. This year it’s going to be over and over soon for the Brewers and Cardinals. Thank You Kenny!!
  3. The White Sox success has taken some of the focus away from the Cubs – All year last year, with the Sox struggling, the Cubs had the spotlight shining on them. With that pressure and the talk about the 100 year drought, we came out and laid an egg in round one. This year, with the Sox playing well, it should be a little easier for us to go in with a little less pressure and more confidence. There is always going to be that talk from ESPN and the like about the 100 year garbage, but the Sox winning this season has to take some of the pressure off us and for that I say a big, hearty, Thank You Kenny!!!
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  • Tdogg

    Funny. Though Quentin was traded for 1b Chris Carter

  • Sour Bob

    Yup. It was Carter for Quentin. There’s a Heath Bell with the Pads, but he’s 31 and good and they got him from the Rays.

  • Doug

    No Adam Dunn in Reds lineup for 6 games = 6 less homers against Cubs

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  • Hookstrat

    Should thank Kenny for giving you Cotts as well.

  • dave l

    The really interesting thing is that Quintin almost didn’t make the Sox’s 25 man roster at the beginning of the season.

    Now the Dunn issue is an interesting one. It is good that he is no longer on the Reds to hurt the Cubs this week… BUT… there is a very good change that the Cubs will be opening up the playoffs against the Diamondbacks…

  • Wrigley Phantom

    Thanks for prolonging what could be a bad situation if we face the dbacks…lets hope not though…and I think that you thanked him enough for everyone.

  • Confusament

    Griffey too guys! I know he’s over the hill but come on, Ken Frickin Griffey Jr. is on the Sux now. That deserves a thank you too.

  • harry

    The Reds have invested heavily in being a bad baseball team, Kenny only helped a little bit. Facilitation, I’d call it.

    No matter what, having two teams in first place in August here in Chicago is pretty cool. It’s helping Bears fans cope, too.

  • Andrew

    I don’t know, Arizona’s pretty bad on Brandon Webb’s days off. Quentin’s good, but it’s not like he’s capable of lifting a shaky team out of the middle of a weak divis…oh, wait.

  • PenFoe

    Okay, I just want to make sure I understand this post, since I’m a little confused.

    1. The D-Backs basically giving away a guy they had no intention of playing and had totally given up on somehow helps the Cubs in the event that the Cubs and D-Backs meet again in the playoffs this year (a scenario that look likely).

    2. The D-Backs acquiring a guy who historically kills the Cubs somehow benefits the Cubs despite the fact that they’re probably going to end up playing in the playoffs again this year. So this completely contradicts the first point.

    3. What?

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