I’ve always been told that the reason we study history is to learn from the past in an effort to change the future. That being said, it’s important to see what happened in the month of July in an effort to explain the struggles the team went through.

Granted, we went 15-11 in the month, but it seemed like it was a lot worse than that. So what happened? Let’s compare July with the season as a whole.

Here are the stats and MLB ranks in some various categories for the season as a whole as well as the month of July in isolation.

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As you can see, the offense as a whole went down in every category and it actually seems like pitching stepped up their game. If it were not for the pitching, primarily the starting pitchers, this team may have lost the lead in the division before the month was over. What amazes me is whole far in the ranks the offense fell in that month.

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It’s not a major breakthrough, as I think everyone noticed the lack of production from the offense. What I wanted to emphasize was the important of getting on base. If we continue to focus on that, working the count and putting the pitcher in sticky situations, this stretch run is going to be a mighty fun one.

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