Yesterday, a co-worker came up to me and expounded on his hatred for Ryan Braun.  He hates his cockiness, to which I agreed. He comes off as smug, especially his penchant for watching his handy work when he goes yard. I recall a certain Mr. Bonds that did that, he’s not well liked to much either. Although he has a few hundred more homers than Mr. Braun, so it’s a little easier to swallow. Let’s just say, it was nice to see old Ryan get a workout in Left Field tonight. Hey Ryan, there’s two sides fo the game, and you looked silly on one side of it, tonight.

Obviously, the big story of this whole series was that first place was on the line. Notice I say was, because with tonight’s win, the Cubs cannot leave Milwaukee without it. The second are the pitching match-ups. The above mentioned co-worker also stated he felt the Cubs would do him proud if they split the series. Not the worst case scenario, but I felt they could do better. After last night’s win, which I missed due to a game of my own, I felt really good about the Cubs’ chances grabbing three, going into tonight.

Zambrano looked sharp from the get go. The Brewer’s Ben Sheets, not so much. He was effectively wild through five innings, but it looked like he was on the cusp losing control at any moment. That happened in the sixth, as the Cubs’ kept finding holes in the defensive and a missplayed ball by Ryan Braun in Left. A big crooked number of five runs, set my mind at ease. With Z cruising, this one was in the bag, and it was never in question from that point on. A three game lead. Phew.

Since I’m into bashing Ryan Braun, he was quoted earlier this week, as saying the pressure was all on the Cubs, and the Brewers just have to play good baseball. Correction, Ryan. The pressure is on the Brewers. They didn’t show they could take the heat last season, and after these two games, I’d say the same. You had your two aces up the bump, and came up empty. Now the back end of your rotation still faces Dempster and Harden. Ouch. Ouch. And more ouch. Momentum seems to be in the Cubs favor. At least in the short term. I’ll take it, and I know my co-worker will too. It’s rough talking baseball at work.  

 Come on Cubbies, let’s go get two more!

  • One Man’s Treasure rip Did anyone see all the handshakes Zambrano has with other Cubbies. It makes my head spin. I’d never remember which one to do.
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