In case you were not aware, the Cubs have had some struggles lately with the Marlins so the series opener had me a bit worried. With the lack of offense we had been seeing I worried that perhaps those struggles would carry over into our home field, where we’ve played so well all year. Instead, we get a win out of the team and a 125 pitch outing out of Carlos. I came away from the game last night with a few thoughts.

  1. Lou Piniella does not trust this bullpen right now – nor should he. Take a look at the pen of late and you are bound to get a little case of the willies. Bobby Howry can’t get outs, despite going 2/3 of an inning yesterday. People are worried that perhaps he’s insured. Kerry Wood went on the DL for the 12th time in his career with a blister that just won’t heal and Carlos Marmol is a few pitches from his right arm falling off. Those are the aces of the bullpen. Those guys struggling has Lou considering, and I believe strongly, Jeff Samardzija from AAA. To me, this is a big mistake. He hasn’t show consistency at any level. He moves up, shines, and then begins to struggle. On top of that, he’s been starting and has a future as a starter. What is this obsession with bringing guys like that into the bullpen? Let the starters come up as a starter and the relievers come up as relievers. Case closed.
  2. I’m still worried about Derrek Lee – He had another rough night at the plate. Don’t give me the crap about how he hit a home run the other day. The fact is that his bat has not been clutch at any time this year. Think of a time where he has put the team on his back and carried them. Soriano has done it. Aramis has done it. Fukudome has done it. If Lee is going to be a “star” in this league, it’s about time he does it too. I wrote earlier in the year that I felt like Lee was the most overrated Cub and I stand by that.

I’ll keep you updated when the roster move happens. Let’s get another win today.

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