Yeah, so I’m filling in for Joe a lot this week, if you haven’t noticed. I think I’ve posted more this week, than I have in months. Not to fear, he’ll be back, and constructive, meaningful posts will return shortly. I tip my hat to him because, it’s tough work coming up with stuff that will generate discussion on a daily basis. It sucks even more that I can’t check up on things while at work anymore. I love, love, loved the discussion on the All-Star game, and take note, I will be wearing a certain blue hat next Friday evening. The real trick will be getting my buddy to take my picture!

With one more day to pass before the Cubs take on the Astros Friday, tomorrow is the last day of the “1st Half” of the season. Well, for eight teams, that would be today. But who’s that anal? I must say, that I’m very excited to get this half of the season going. We’ve made it up the hill, will the decent back down be a peaceful trek, or the Cubs tumbling head over heals down the mountain side? Only time will tell. Last year at this time, I remarked that I wasn’t so scared of the Brewers, as I was of the Cardinals. I’ll be honest, I said that kind of tongue and cheek, but it proved to be partially correct down the stretch. Just a little tickle in the back on my brain that needed a scratch.

That tickle has come back. Why won’t that team just go away? There’s no reason at all for them to still be sticking around. Todd Wellemeyer? Rick Ankiel? Cesar Izturis? You must be joking. I loved Tony LaRussa as a kid. I also loved the A’s. Nevermind my strange penchant for the Expos as well. I was weird. Mr. LaRussa has done quite a job down there in the land of white polyester pants and red. Never count that team out. I fear them, more than I fear the Brewers.

That’s not to say that I’m not scared of the Brewers. I am. Sheets and Sabathia make a lethal 1-2 combo, the stack is, however, stacked against Ben Sheets. That arm has to give out soon, right? I mean how long can MacGyver keep that thing together? Then there right back to only one superior starter. And he’s a rental. The pressure is on the Brewers, if they don’t win it this year, there’s a good chance they lose Sheets and Sabathia at the end of this year in free agency. That’s one small window to get things done up north. Either way, this looks to be a three horse race, in which I believe, and I’m going to somewhat contradict myself, that the Cards are going to fall out of it by late August. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Brewers will be 2 games out going into the last weekend. Which just so happens to be in Milwaukee. Gosh, those schedulers are good!

  • The Princess of Nebraska release Completely not baseball related, but I’m totally psyched (did that sound hip?) for The Dark Knight’s opening this weekend. Chris Nolan is awesome, and has brought one of the best superheros to the silver screen. If you haven’t seen Batman Begins, go rent it NOW!  It’s a must see before the sequel opens this weekend.
  • Tommy, we still love you. Come back!
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