I started watching the All Star game tonight. I really did. The intros were cool, and made me feel old. Good grief, has Dennis Eckersley aged at all? After about six innings, my tre cool neighbor stopped by with a plate of cookies. Cookies win out over anything baseball. OK, maybe not anything baseball, but this stomach can’t pass up a plate of cookies!

After the visit, it was sayonara All Stars. I just can’t get into this game. I know I’ve said it before, in fact I ranted about it last year too. This game means nothing. Home field advantage. Whatever. Even George Brett’s impromptu speech to the American Leaguers seemed somewhat silly. It was certainly no “Win for the Gipper” speech, which incidentally also took place at Yankee Stadium. I blame Joe Morgan’s typical diarrhea mouth pronouncement last week, of the All Star game being meaningful to players of his era. Yeah, sure Joe. Can we put him and Tim McCarver on an island somewhere? Please?

Instead I’m sitting here, writing to you. The many legions of VFTB fans. Is that dedication? I think so. Or complete insanity. Trust me, that ball I took straight to the noggin in Little League messed me up.

In any case, the “official” second half starts in a few days. It’s do or die time for this squad of Cubbies. From where I’m sitting, I like what we’ve got, and I’m not sure I’d make any more changes. We’re deep, and god willing, we’re through the last of major injury issues. Everyone knock on wood, right now! I’m interested to see if Jimmy Hendry makes one more move to tinker with the bench or bullpen. But I’d stand pat.  Then again, I change my mind when the wind changes direction.

  • On a side note, Happy Birthday to my sister. Remember these words of wisdom from your older bro. Tylenol PM. It’s the only thing you need to know about after work sports leagues. Well, that and beer. Both kill pain. One just works better. I won’t say which.
  • Check out archie’s Diary entry on Carlos Marmol. Al over at Bleed Cubbie Blue had the same article up from Hardball Times. It really is an interesting read, and seems to be making the rounds through Cubdom.
  • Sadly I must tell everyone, I’m going to the darkside next week. My buddy is a season ticket holder for the White Sox (Gasp!), and has invited me to an closed event where we get to tour the park. I actually can’t wait. I’m going to try and throw some in the bullpen. Now the question is, do I wear my Cubs hat?
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Been blogging on VFTB since 2006. It's been a long silly run thus far. I still play baseball in the Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League.