Today I had a  of things I needed to get done around the house. An online test to take (I passed, thank you very much), some painting, and final touches on a bathroom renovation, that took entirely too much time last weekend. I didn’t figure to get any time to watch the game, especially since I had pissed away yesterday drinking, and eating, and drinking some more. The gods were with me, and I managed to finish up my honey do’s in short order, and watch the game. Sort of. I napped through some of it.

 After Friday and Saturday’s win, I really just hoped the Cubs would sweep, and go into the break on a winning note. At least, that’s what I thought would be nice especially after the meltdown from Saturday, ahem Carlos. It’d still be a series win, which is all you can ask for, but I like to see teams hit the break on a winning note.

Alas, it was not to be today. Dempster did not have his “A” stuff and really struggled with his command. I got the distinct feeling that he was thinking too much about getting to 11 and 0 at Wrigley. It’s a part of the mental game that gets taken for granted too much. As I’ve said before, the grey matter can really mess you up, in the long term and from game to game. Ahem, Carlos. The short rally in the bottom of the ninth was not menat to be. I really thought the best chance they had to make the game interesting was after Edmond’s double, and then in the eighth, when A-Ram hit that weak grounder to Castillo for the DP.

I kind of had the feeling the whole team was already mentally in the break. Oh well, it happens. As long as they get back to business when they get back.

  • Carlos Marmol was named to the All Star game today in place of Kerry Wood. I really hope Clint Hurdle keeps him out of the game.  That arm needs serious rest. Lou if you’re reading this (yeah, right) please tell Hurdle to keep Carlos on the bench.
  • Did anyone else notice Edmonds drop a four letter word after his double? I did. He knew he missed a homer. That would of changed a 3-1 game to 3-2. Had he gone yard, I think the Cubs would of won. 
  • Just a mini-rant. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get to VFTB from work the past couple of days. I mean seriously, how am I supposed to kill time? I guess, take it as an FYI, if I’m not posting, I’m not ignoring anyone. I can’t get here.  Grrrrr.
  • Would anyone be interested in a series of articles/posts pertaining to items like how a balls spin, fade, hook, when they’re hit? Defensive positioning? Does anyone have a question that no one on TV ever seems to answer?
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