Yesterday, my wife and I headed into Libertyville, for the sole purpose of having a nice lunch, drinking some tasty beers, and most importantly, watching Rich Harden make his debut. Our second date was watching Fred McGriff take the field as a Cub, so it’s kind of a silly ritual.

 After the seventh, the Cubs were clearly not going to lose. Up 7-1, we decided it was time for a walk to clear our heads of the beer, enjoy the fantastic weather, and hit some of the shops. A fantastic Chipoltle dip was calling my name!

 I woke up this morning and saw the score. 11 innings? Holy crap! What happened? It’s clear that Carlos Marmol is suffering, either physically, and most definitely mentally. He’s been overused, and brought up to think he’s unhittable. Um, not so much. Thank god for the All-Star break, although I think he may need a little longer to get him right in the head.

In other news, Kerry Wood is suffering from a finger blister. Good gosh, remember his rookie season, and that was his biggest problem? Are we reverting back to 1998?

Hey, things could be worse. Did anyone see the Cards lose last night? Yikes!The Princess of Nebraska move007 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service trailer

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