Last night I missed most of the game due to my satellite going out. It’s frustrating because in the four years I’ve had Dish or DirecTV, it’s never gone out and over the past two nights it’s gone out twice due to rain. That being said, I feel guilty writing about a game I really didn’t see but a few pitches of. Instead, I’d rather use this time to complain and whine about a bunch of things. Enjoy!!!

  • Why is it that Lou continues to feel compelled to use Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol so often. After 8 innings of Zambrano and a four run lead, why not bring in Michael Wuertz last night to have him finish it out? Maybe you didn’t know this, but Wuertz has the lowest ERA in the bullpen at 2.70 if you don’t count Cotts since he’s been here part time, and yet the lowest innings pitched of all the regulars.
  • MLB announced that Sheryl Crow, 3 Doors Down and Josh Groban are scheduled to perform during the all star game. Josh Groban?!?! Who cares if he’s only singing God Bless America. I don’t want to listen to that tool. I’d rather see that big fat fire fighter that performs. – (Source)
  • This morning I decided to redeem a coupon I got in the mail from Wendy’s for a free breakfast sandwich of which I can’t pronounce the name. I’ve tried two separate Wendy’s locations on my way to work and neither are open for breakfast. Today I tried the third and waited in the drive thru, blocked in, for 20 minutes only to be told when I got to the window that they had no food and were not setup for breakfast. Oh, you can bet that there will be hell to pay when I call that Wendy’s back today and speak with the owner.

I’ll be back a little later with some news on the farm.

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