If you believe my title, you’re certainly not my wife, or you haven’t been reading VFTB long enough. But I jest. Like Joe wrote yesterday, the C.C Sabathia trade doesn’t have me worried one bit. If Ben Sheets can stay healthy, then sure, the Brewers will have one heck of a one-two punch in their rotation. After that….are you kidding me? Let’s not forget that Sheets is the Kerry Wood of the Miller Valley, and can rarely stay healthy. That’d be one heck of a bet to take. Which one actually makes it through one year without visiting the DL?

Thus far this season, I’ve remained quiet. I can’t anymore. I’m just too gosh darned right to be quiet any longer. And if you can’t sense the sarcasm, you’re certainly not my wife, or you haven’t been reading VFTB long enough. I’ll stand by my four pillars of correct assumptions thus far. Please plant tongue firmly in cheek.

  • Jim Edmonds was a good pick-up, regardless of his stats in San Diego (which is home of some awesome brews, by the way), his former relation to that city just south of us where fans love white polyester pants, and red shirts, and Felix Pie is not likely to see the ivy covered walls of Wrigley any time soon. Awaiting any further moves Jim Hendry makes this season, I believe….No, I know, that this is the move that will pay off in the long run. I love the Johnson/Edmonds platoon.
  • Rich Hill won’t be back. I’d put good money down Pie sees the Friendly Confines before Hill does. Sorry Rich, but I never cared for your soft tossing ways. More than anything, I always got the impression you were soft. Soft in the head, that is. Baseball is more mental than any other sport. You have to be able to suck it up when you’re stinking it up, and push on. You’re ability and mechanics got you here, get back to relying on them, don’t let the grey matter between your ears screw it up.
  • The Cubs don’t care for Matt Murton, because of his defense, or lack thereof. Yes, he’s been steadier this year in short stints, but visions of last year still haunt the Cubs front office. Baseball has a long memory, unless you’re Joe Morgan or Tim McCarver, and what happens years ago will follow you around. Can’t run a good route to a fly ball? Do it frequently? Everyone knows about it. It’s on tape now, dude.
  • I am only truly scared of one thing. Pinella pulling a Dusty, and over working Marmol until his right hand knuckles are scrapping the grass tops on the way to the dugout. Yes, he’s young, and his stuff is electric, but good, golly, gee, please let up on the gas Lou. I’d like Marmol to be a fixture in the pen for a few years. Not a flash in the pan. Let up Lou, let up.Congratulations, you just sat through one of the many theories I spew from my mouth multiple times a week to my wife. To which she has learned, and will often recite back to me, “Because you’re always right.”

Damn straight. Now I’m off to figure out how to rectify the economy…

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