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July 1, 2008

New Names For the Cubs to Trade For?

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Stars of the game

First Star – Ted Lilly (.283)

Second Star

– Matt Murton (.142)

Third Star – Mark DeRosa (.074)

Turd of the Game – Barry Zito (-.216)

  • Peter Gammons mentioned in his latest blog entry that the Cubs “plan on adding [a] pitcher”. He mentioned a few names that I’ve been hearing, but also mentioned guys like Aaron Cook, Bronson Arroyo and Kevin Millwood. Interesting. I think C.C. Sabathia is my first choice for who I’d like to see us add, with Dan Haren coming in a close second. I’d be completely satisfied with A.J. Burnett or Brad Penny though. One pitcher I wouldn’t want back, and I know it makes me a jerk, is Greg Maddux. We did that already. He just doesn’t bring us the type of pitcher that will put us over the top.
  • Go vote right now for Kosuke Fukudome. He’s been leading the all star balloting, but the lead over Ryan Braun has been shrinking by the day. The rosters are announced on Sunday and I’d love to see us have two rookie starters in the lineup for the NL.
  • Lou Piniella had this to say about his ejection by Rob Drake, which was absolutely bush league. “You know what’s amazing? Umpires make mistakes sometimes, and when you question them, you end up paying the consequences.”
  • I mentioned yesterday that I thought the fact that the Cubs would only grant Aramis Ramirez three days off when he asked for four completely ridiculous. Now, when I find out what the days were requested for, it’s even more insane. Ramirez headed to the Dominican Republic to be with his wife, who was giving birth. Come on, give the guy four days off. It’s bad enough he never gets to see his wife already, but now he’s got a new baby.
  • Carrie Muskat presents us with the “Duh” quote of the day. In response to the question in her mailbag about why Derrek Lee is grounding into so many double plays, Muskat replies with the first sentence of “He’s not trying to do it.” Wow, that clears it all up for me. Here I was thinking Lee was a tool and was doing this on purpose to screw with us.
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  • Matt Jacobs

    I’m not sold on Sabathia. I think we’ll have to give away the farm to get him, and he’d be gone by November. Which, unless we win the whole thing, is a complete waste. That being said Dave Kaplan was discussing Harnen with a reporter from the Bay area last night. They think his injury issues are past him, but again, Billy Beane is going to want a ton. It’d be interesting to see if they make a run at Burnett, and I’ve also heard Bedard might be back on the market. Won’t that be weird?

    Just be ready to lose a bunch of guys if/when Hendry makes the move.

    As for A-Ram’s “vacation.” Totally agree. Give him the days, he looked like his mind was elsewhere this past weekend. And again, why was the front office so secretive about it? What’s the big deal?

  • ManInTheBox

    My thoughts:

    * Being in the southwestern Ohio area (and seen him pitch in person this year) I can tell you we DON’T want Arroyo-the-yoyo. The guy has lost his sense of location. He just came off of one of the worst (satistically) starts in MLB hstory in Toronto. Even when the Reds DO put up runs for him, he serves up more fatburgers than…well, than Fatburger. Sabathia is also my fave in the aforementioned list.

    * I’m not such a fan of bringing Penny in. Just coming off the DL and a less than wowing ERA thus far? I’d pass.

    * There MUST be (hopefully) more to the Ramirez three-day/four-day leave than we know about. If not, give the guy all freaking week if he and his wife need it.

    * Good to see DeRosa having a big offensive night while locking down the hot corner for Ramirez.

    * Even better to see Lilly continuing his impressive streak of improvement since earlier in the year. He’s the hottest active pitcher we’ve got at the moment. You can throw Dempster as an answer to the previous statement, but Lilly wins at home AND away.

  • T

    I do not want to give up the farm for Sabbathia. I just don’t think you can count on him and he will be difficult to resign. AJ Burnett is a poor man’s Kerry Wood. Harden and Aaron Cook are the only names I like on that list. I probably have the minority view regarding our farm system. The Cubs have had an atrocious farm system until this decade. I don’t to give it up despite the fact that we’ve gone 100 years without winning a world series. The depth the Cubs have is a big reason for the success they’ve have had the last couple of years. I think it can help maintain future success. Many of the contracts the players have are back loaded. What’s going to happen if we have a roster of bad contracts, maxed payroll and no farm system? Just as I think the improvement of Roberts over DeRosa is not worth four players, I don’t think the improvement of Burnett/Bedard/etc. over Gallager/Marshall is worth four players. If anything, I’d like an arm or two in the bullpen. I’m so done with Wuertz. Replace him and find a lefty better than Erye and Cotts. The contracts of Wood, Howry and Erye expire after this season. We might as well add to the bullpen for the present and future. That would improve the team without the steep price.

  • Phil Zuber

    Personally, where ever and if Sabathia is traded, im sure one of the restrictions will be that he will need to have a contract extension to make the deal go through on his end.

  • Ben

    1. We do not have the prospects to land Sabathia, look for him in a brewer’s uniform or a TB uniform.
    2. Carrie Muskat is a propagandist and shouldn’t even be read.
    3. Aramis should have been granted the series off.
    4. I hope we can land Randy Wolf and Towers and Hendry work well together in trades.

  • cubbiepride

    burnett or wolf would satisfy me. c.c. only if we could have a signing period after the trade. last night was a great win. len kasper made a great call. he was talking about the cubs struggles and how if ted lilly could pitch 8 innings, which he did, or some one hits 2 homers with 6 rbi, which derosa did, it could help to turn the club around. i find it weird how he basically called that in the early part of the game yesterday.

  • gribbly

    When discussing this, we have to consider what kind of starter we want. I believe our main, and only, priority is to get a compliment for Zambrano. We need a big playoff pitcher, as we saw last year, its tough going against a playoff team with one #1 and two #3 pitchers. Our most successful year had two #1s to go back and forth, giving the greatest chance of shutting down the opposing team’s offense for at least 3 games of a 5 game series, and 4 of 7. Randy Wolf won’t help us in the first round of the playoffs.

    Just guessing, but our two biggest playoff contenders are gonna be Arizona (Webb, Haren) or Milwaukee (Sheets, Sabathia). We need that second bona fide #1 starter.

  • Matt Jacobs

    Let’s not jump the gun and put Sabathia with Milwaukee just yet.

  • Rick Beato

    All the talk about the Aramis thing is a lot of talk about nothing. Lots of men get back to work at lots of jobs two days after a birth, especially when it is not the first for the couple or when there are not complications. And those men have jobs that are nowhere near as well-paying OR as high-profile. A flight to Frisco will not be a big hardship on a man we need badly in our lineup.

  • gribbly

    The particulars are not important. I was trying to make the point that a playoff team helps their chances a lot by having two #1s.

    We have a great regular season rotation that is essentially Z and a bunch of 3s. But not a good post-season rotation.

  • Graham

    I’d go for Dan Haren all the way. This year, his numbers are great (1.03 WHIP, 5.05 K/BB, 3.38 ERA) and his career numbers are good as well (1.21 WHIP, 3.33 K/BB, 3.70 ERA). They’re better than CC’s. I acknowledge CC’s an inning eater, but at what cost and how long can he keep it up?

  • Graham

    Hell, Haren’s ERA this season is actually 2.85. Oops. 3.38 belongs to Hamels.

  • gribbly

    Its Rich Harden that the Cubs are looking at.

    Dan Haren is on the Diamondbacks, and was traded to them last winter. He is not at all on the market.

  • Matt Jacobs

    WOuld you really want A-Ram suited up after he has his first kid, then flies across country from the Domincan to SF? I wouldn’t. Let him have his days, and see him St. Louis.

  • Earl Scott

    I think I would pull for either HAREN or ARROYO.. Lou “Pineapple”
    KNOWS you can not argue balls and strikes. This makes him a “Pinhead” as Bill O’Reilly would say. Yeah, I’m a Conservative Republican.

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