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Stars of the game

First Star – Ted Lilly (.283)

Second Star

– Matt Murton (.142)

Third Star – Mark DeRosa (.074)

Turd of the Game – Barry Zito (-.216)

  • Peter Gammons mentioned in his latest blog entry that the Cubs “plan on adding [a] pitcher”. He mentioned a few names that I’ve been hearing, but also mentioned guys like Aaron Cook, Bronson Arroyo and Kevin Millwood. Interesting. I think C.C. Sabathia is my first choice for who I’d like to see us add, with Dan Haren coming in a close second. I’d be completely satisfied with A.J. Burnett or Brad Penny though. One pitcher I wouldn’t want back, and I know it makes me a jerk, is Greg Maddux. We did that already. He just doesn’t bring us the type of pitcher that will put us over the top.
  • Go vote right now for Kosuke Fukudome. He’s been leading the all star balloting, but the lead over Ryan Braun has been shrinking by the day. The rosters are announced on Sunday and I’d love to see us have two rookie starters in the lineup for the NL.
  • Lou Piniella had this to say about his ejection by Rob Drake, which was absolutely bush league. “You know what’s amazing? Umpires make mistakes sometimes, and when you question them, you end up paying the consequences.”
  • I mentioned yesterday that I thought the fact that the Cubs would only grant Aramis Ramirez three days off when he asked for four completely ridiculous. Now, when I find out what the days were requested for, it’s even more insane. Ramirez headed to the Dominican Republic to be with his wife, who was giving birth. Come on, give the guy four days off. It’s bad enough he never gets to see his wife already, but now he’s got a new baby.
  • Carrie Muskat presents us with the “Duh” quote of the day. In response to the question in her mailbag about why Derrek Lee is grounding into so many double plays, Muskat replies with the first sentence of “He’s not trying to do it.” Wow, that clears it all up for me. Here I was thinking Lee was a tool and was doing this on purpose to screw with us.
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