• Carlos Zambrano appears ready to go for Friday against the hated Cardinals and the news couldn’t come at a better time. He threw off the mound this weekend at U.S. Cellular and felt just fine after airing it out 100%. According to the Daily Herald, Zambrano will throw once more out in San Francisco before coming off the disabled list. I’m interested in seeing what the roster move that accompanies the return by Z is. I mentioned the other day that I felt like Sean Marshall’s start last night was a big one for him. Not only was it on national TV, but it was against the city rivals and trying to avoid a sweep. I was quite pleased with what we got from him in the outing, despite the fact that he picked up the loss. Seven innings and just three runs allowed is good baseball. Sometimes I think we lower the bar a little when we classify a quality start as one that a pitcher goes six. I’d like to see that stat changed to seven or more innings with three or less given up. Marshall gave us that and that’s all we could ask. One thing I know is that I really hope that Jim Hendry doesn’t get the idea putting Marshall in the bullpen on a temporary basis would be a good idea. He just stretched himself out to start and to throw him back in the bullpen because of Eyre’s injury would be stupid. If you’re going to stick with Jason Marquis, then send Marshall down to AAA, but please don’t put him in the pen.
  • Aramis Ramirez is set to be out for the next three games so that he can return to the Dominican Republic to take care of some business with his family. Apparently he had asked to take off the entire Giants series, but was told he could only take three days. Why not let the guy take the four days? If he needs the four, give him the four. If nothing else, it helps him rest. He doesn’t take many days off already and we need him to be sharp over the next few months. We can’t afford for his back to flair up and give him issues. According to Gordon Whittenmyer of the Sun Times, Lou will use Mark DeRosa and Ronny Cedeno at third base in Ramirez’s absence. I’m all about some DeRosa at third. I think that’s one of his best defensive positions.
  • The Cub Reporter mentions that Felix Pie might not have been sent to Mesa for the sole reason of rehabbing a thumb injury. If it truly is an attitude adjustment that was needed, maybe this will help wake Pie up and help him produce at the big league level. It’s time for him to show his stuff. I’m tired of waiting.
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