I decided to comment on some of the things I’ve noticed about the team over the last few days.

Eric Patterson as a left fielder is over – ”We’ll put somebody else out there, We’ll make some changes and go from there.” ~ Lou Piniella. E-Pat had a bit of a tough day out there with two tough breaks on plays that involved Orlando Cabrera. The first came in the 1st inning after Cabrera singled. With Pierzynski hitting a fly ball to left, Cabrera knew enough about Patterson’s arm to take second on the tag. When was the last time you saw a runner take second on a tag. It just doesn’t happen that often. Had Patterson gotten the ball in quicker, Cabrera doesn’t have a chance to advance. Instead, he took for granted the fact that it rarely happens and didn’t get the ball in as quickly as he should have. The second came at the hands of Cabrera who messed with him in the first and then stretched for a double. Patterson charged it with urgency this time, but didn’t get the glove down to field the sharp grounder and had it go right past him.

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I’m a big fan of E-Pat, but I think he’s going to turn into a guy without a position. He hasn’t been the most consistent fielder at second and the experiments in the outfield seem to be fruitless because of his arm strength. If that’s the case, what can we do with him? I made the case that he should be our second baseman in the beginning of the season, but I think I have to take that back. E-Pat may best serve this team by what he can bring in return.

Why have we shorted ourselves in CF? – With Reed Johnson going on the DL, we’re left with one true CF and one player with a strained calf that can play CF. Jim Edmonds, our lone CF, is on his last legs and really shouldn’t be in the lineup on an everyday basis because of his health. We’ve been blessed with the bat that Jim has brought over from the Padres, but we’re pressing our luck thinking he can hold down the fort until we have another CF. Why not call up Felix Pie and send down Patterson at this point? You can get him at bats in CF and in LF and even RF if Fukudome’s calf continues to bother him. It gives him consistent ML at bats, strengthens the defense and allows us to continue to reap the benefits of a rested Jim Edmonds. Besides, do we really want Daryle Ward in RF? Really?

Jeff Samardzija Promoted to AAA, but why? – I missed this yesterday, but I wanted to make you aware of it. What makes me laugh about his situation is that every time he’s had a promotion, he’s never had the numbers to justify it. I don’t look much into 2006, because of the abbreviated number of games he appeared in. Looking at 2007 he was struggled in Daytona with an ERA of 4.95 and a WHIP of 1.65. He was allowing base runners like they were going out of style and all of a sudden gets promoted to AA where he figures it out and does much better. This year he starts in AA and struggles and is now promoted to AAA. You can keep petting the kid’s ego if you want to, but unless he can throw strikes consistently and keep the walks down, he’s not going to be a big league pitcher that can help. He hasn’t show he can do that yet, so quit promoting him.

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