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June 27, 2008

I'm Done With Jason Marquis

Filed under: General — Joe Aiello @ 9:14 am

First Star – Aubrey Huff (.215)

Second Star – Radhames Liz (.148)

Third Star – Kevin Millar (.079)

Turd of the Game – Jason Marquis (-.331)


I take it back. I take back all of the nice things I said about Jason Marquis. Shame on me for even thinking that he had turned things around and figured it out. Shame on you for listening and, God forbid, believing any of that nonsense I spat out. I feel so ashamed. I want to crawl under a rock and die. Well, maybe not that bad, but I do feel stupid for even suggesting it. I’m done with Jason Marquis. The problem then becomes what do we do with him. Let’s be honest, when we look at the options.

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Trade Him – Good luck with that. The time to trade him is when his stock is at the highest, but at the same time, is it out of the question to think there would be some, albeit mild, interest in him for the stretch run? Granted we probably wouldn’t get the type of returns on him that we’d like, but at this time the heck with the cheese, let me out of the trap. With that being said, who would want him?

  • New York Yankees – With Wang going down and the fact that they’re trying out guys like Sidney Ponson, it’s not out of the question to think they would be willing to take a gamble on him.
  • Minnesota Twins – They’ve been hotter than hell itself lately, winning night straight. Quick, name their rotation. You can’t. It’s Francisco Liriano and who? Boof Bonser? Seriously? Why not Marquis?
  • Florida Marlins – No one could have imagined that they would be where they are. I know this one seems far fetched, but they wanted Jacque Jones last year so why not? They come into today’s action with an ERA over 5.00 for the starting rotation. They could use the help.

Place Him on Waivers – This one is a little extreme, but if it comes down to the fact that you need to replace him the rotation it may come down to that. What’s going to happen when Zambrano comes back? There’s not a need to stick with Marquis over a younger, higher ceiling player in Sean Marshall. That seems to indicate to me that we’ve got to start shopping Marquis actively before Zambrano comes back or be forced to move on Marshall. I’d really like to see Marshall make his last start or two memorable and give Hendry something to think about.

Outright Release / Demotion to AAA – This one isn’t feasible, but an option. He’s out of minor league options, so he would not only have to clear waivers, but also accept a demotion as well. I think we’ve seen in Jason’s past that he’s not about that option so that would lead to his outright release. If it comes down to clearing dead weight, it may need to come down to that. I just have a hard time seeing the Cubs eat the contract money left on his deal. Essentially they would need to eat about $12 million. That’s not happening.

If we don’t trade Marquis, even for peanuts, I really think we’re stuck with him and need to do something to get him to be successful. I’m not sure what that is, but something needs to be done.

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  • Rick Beato

    A little extreme, isn’t it, to consider releasing a pitcher who went 4-1 in the month of June? I agree that he scares me at times, that the disaster inning that cost us the game yesterday was completely on him, and that he usually has less-successful second halves. I also think right now he is our #4 starter ahead of Marshall and about even with Gallagher. Z will replace Marshall, and hopefully a new ace — Sabathia? Harden? — will replace either Gallagher or Marquis. But until then we have to hope there are a few more strong games in the Marquis arm.

  • Rich Beckman

    What have you done for me lately? No one claims he’s an ace. There are going to be some bad outings. Didn’t he have several very good starts in a row? He was due.

    I don’t object to trading him, but I sure would like to see better of Marshall before dumping Marquis. Last year Marshall was impressive, but this year not so much (although the sample is small).

  • dave

    He is a 5th starter, and he pitches like a 5th starter. Sometimes he pitches well, sometimes he pitches poorly.

    Before yesterday’s game he had the 30th best ERA in the NL among qualified pitchers.

    The Cubs could do a lot worse.

    And what high ceiling does Marshall have?

    I think we’ve seen in Jason’s past that he’s not about that option so that would lead to his outright release.

    Of course not… I wouldn’t take a demotion if I knew I could be pitching for most big league teams.

  • t-bird

    maybe the indians will trade us sabathia for marquis. this will save them some salary and ensure that they dont get shut out from getting anything for sabathia at the end of the year. just a thought.

  • t-bird

    * not getting anything

  • dave

    maybe the indians will trade us sabathia for marquis.

    Hehe. Jason Marquis is going to make $10M next year… it won’t exactly save them a lot of salary.

    And I am pretty sure that the Indians are going to want A LOT more than Jason Marquis.

  • Tommy

    Rick’s right. Marquis loses his first game since MAy 13 and you go overboard.

    And when the Cubs win, you go ho hum.

    Strange emotions this summer, Joe. You are too young for a mid-life crisis.

  • Bob

    He should be about ready to crap right? How many games has he won in the last few years in the second half? It isn’t many. He would be more useful playing the field everyday with his bat than pitching in the second half. Get rid of him, let the kids pitch.

  • dave

    How many games has he won in the last few years in the second half? It isn’t many.

    2007 – 6 wins
    2006 – 3 wins
    2005 – 8 wins
    2004 – 6 wins

    So in other words… he has one bad 2nd half, 2 decent, and 1 good.

  • jose

    Joe is right, he has to go. Marshall does have a higher ceiling. I would trade Marquis for whatever I can get and for whatever cash considerations are needed. #5 pitchers come a dime a dozen. Marshall at his worst is a #5 pitcher with the potential to be better. If Marquis stays, we can expect a terrible back half and have him left off the playoff roster again. His signing was a gamble that did not pay off. He is a good guy so trading him to a team that might need him would be fair treatment.

  • Jim

    Cubs are 29 wins 19 losses in which Marquis has started.
    He does seem to lose effectiveness at a lower pitch count in ’08 than he did in ’07. So yeah, maybe it would be a good time to replace him if somebody as good were available. But if his signing was a gamble it has been a gamble that that has been terrific for The Cubs.

  • Paul S

    Jason Marquis is so talked about and overrated. Here is the deal – he has been with the two best pitching coaches in the majors. Dave Duncan can do wonders with most pitchers except a couple of douchebags currently on the Cards staff, but that is another post. Marquis just doesn’t listen and pitches the way he wants to. As a Cardinal fan I was elated that you guys got him, Jimmy Ballgame not so much that is just too sad seeing Edmonds in your pajama stripes running around Wrigley-a sad thing indeed.

    Good luck with Marquis-maybe you guys can use him like Rick Ankiel because he can hit.

  • Paul S

    btw if he is so good why did the Cardinals leave him off the Worlds Series and playoff roster. The last game he pitched in and for St Louis was a typical Marquis outing – just kept throwing his shit over the plate trying to overpower him.

    If you guys make the playoffs good luck with him pitching – yep good luck with that!!

  • Matt Jacobs

    Why didn’t Dusty use Clement in ’03. Who knows. No one said he was going to be the anchor of the rotation. He’s done fine for a five, thats all we need.

    And what’s with Cards and Brewers fans posting here?

  • Matt

    As another Cardinal fan weighing in, I was glad to see Marquis go. He has done for the Cubs what he did for the Cardinals – pitch just well enough at stretches to make one think he is over the hump en route to being a legit #2 or #3, only to them blow up.

    Marquis was tied for the NL lead in wins at the All-Star break in 2006 and as pointed out was left off the playoff roster in favor of Jeff Weaver and Anthony Reyes – that alone should speak volumes.

    I am anxiously awaiting Edmonds return to St. Louis. I predict the fans will treat him like Renteria in his return – standing O for his first at-bat and them some smattered boos throughout. Still not quite sure why the Padres, who can’t score a lick, gave up on him so quick because though past his prime he is still a legit major leaguer.

    Going back to Marquis, the sad thing is I would rather have him in the rotation than Mitchell Boggs or Mike Parisi. But that’s another story.

  • Earl Scott

    My worry about Marquis, he is here to stay till play-off time then will be dropped from the play-off for the third time. I am afraid to say something nice about Jim Edmonds for fear he will turn into a “pumpkin”.

  • Earl Scott

    Should say, “WHY worry” but it still works!!!!!

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