First Star – Luke Scott (.224)

Second Star – George Sherrill (.181)

Third Star – Ryan Theriot (.133)

Turd of the Game – Sean Marshall (-.212)

Honorable Mention Turd – Lou Piniella

How can you make all that money and then strikeout? – I’ve been reading “Where’s Harry” by Steve Stone lately. I’ve read it before, but it’s such a nice and easy read that adds so much humor to my bathroom time and I wholeheartedly recommend it if you have never read it. I bring it up because I know that would’ve been something Harry would say in the situation we were in last night in the 9th. We load the bases, look to be charging back and taking no prisoners only to see three straight hitters strikeout with the bases loaded. Ronny Cedeno, I can see that one and accept it. Fukudome striking out in that situation surprises me and disappoints me a lot. Then, in a curious move, Lou pulls Eric Patterson in favor of pinch hitter supreme, Henry Blanco? What the heck? Blanco gets at bats so seldomly because he’s a backup catcher that bringing him in in a situation like that is like forfeiting the game. Why not leave Patterson in? He had reached base twice that game and has been hitting the ball well in the last three. I blame this loss I Lou.

Sean Marshall…Good or Bad? Revenge of the Creature ipod – I can’t make up my mind on this one. If you watched the game last night, Marshall was outstanding in the first few innings and was in command of every one of his pitches. His curveball, though not as knee buckling as Rich Hill, was working well and snapping right over the plate to get guys looking. There were several times when I would think the ball was going to be high and outside only to see it snap over the plate at the last second. At the same time, you look and see that when all was said and done, his line showed four runs allowed in less than five innings of work. Obviously he’s not Carlos Zambrano, despite taking his spot in the rotation, but Marshall is a guy that I think can be a consistent, back of the rotation guy. Take a look at how he’s done in his career in the majors and you’ll see a guy that has been, at the very least, consistent in keeping the team in the game. He’s not going to go 7+ on a night in and night out basis, but he’s got good stuff.

The trade that wasn’t – All offseason we heard that the Brian Roberts deal to the Cubs was just about finished and would be done before the end of spring training. I mentioned in December that Roberts would not be a Cub. The question then becomes if that lack of trade was a blessing or a mistake. I pose the question to you. Rich Hill was one of the pitchers mentioned in the deal and we’ve seen what he’s done this year. Mark DeRosa has been a stable option at second base and has provided versatility when needed. Ryan Theriot has stepped up at SS, which was a place that some said Roberts could fill in at to keep DeRosa in the lineup. Even CF has been acceptable. So I pose the question to you. Do you wish the trade would’ve gone down?

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