So the Cubs finish off a sweep of the Rockies, and a sweep of the homestand in a 5-3 victory today over the Colorado Rockies. This continues their streak of leading in a game to something like 24. It is the first time since 1908 that they have had the best record in baseball at this point in the season. It was their first sweep of a homestand of at least seven games since 1970. It is amazing to keep hearing these records that they are setting which have been around for decades. This is a lot of fun.

Also a lot of fun has been that Jim Edmonds has been hitting the ball the last few games and can be a real good addition if he keeps this up. I think he already earned the money with the catch to win the game in Houston earlier and is a (the) major reason we won this game as well. Two wins for the league minimum…pretty good. I also notice that Lou replaced Soriano in the ninth again today. This might become a trend that is pretty comforting. By the way Fukudome seems to be having a good bit of trouble with the sun. Lets hope he gets that all worked out. Today he used sunglasses and shielded his eyes with glove and hand in order to not lose a fly ball in the bright sky.

So here is what I am thinking today. Sean Gallagher has possibly (probably) earned the fifth spot in the rotation now…unless something surprising happens. So remember this…if I am remembering right the Cubs offered some combination of Sean Gallagher, Sean Marshall, Ronnie Cedeno, and Matt Murton for Brian Roberts… and Andy MacPhail didn’t take it. The guy is a joke. I take a lot of joy thinking about the fact that Andy will not get anywhere near that offer for Roberts again and he has missed an opportunity to have made his team a lot better. This might set them even further back for a good while.

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