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For the second time in two days, the Cubs picked up a 3-1 victory, and while I’m thankful for the win, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed at the fact that I couldn’t use my nifty headline had the Cubs lost. Instead, I’ll have to just try it out on you here. “Cubs can’t break wind, which stinks.” That’s gold Jerry, Gold!!! Instead, I’ll just sleep happy and know we got a series win.

More Starts on the Horizon – A few days ago it was reported that Lou promised Sean Gallagher at least two more starts, with tonight being the first. I think it’s safe to say that if he can do anything positive in the second start, he should be the beneficiary of at least another two while Rich Hill continues to try to work his way back to the Majors. Tonight he pitched really well, getting outs and getting through seven innings of work. He pitched to the weather and kept the pitch count low enough to get himself deep into the game, despite getting hit in the pitching hand in the 1st inning that I thought would be the end of the night. Any time you can get seven out of what many would deem your 5th starter, you’ve received a treat. Get through those innings and get a win as well, even better. I’m excited about what Gallagher can do for this rotation. I’d even be willing to go out on a limb right now and make the prediction that he won’t see AAA again this year. Agree? Disagree?

Time to work on our bunting – Our sacrificing was atrocious tonight, with two sac bunt attempts yielding the lead runner being thrown out at 2nd. It happened to Gallagher in the 5th and then to Theriot in the 7th. Is it a terrible problem? No, overall, we came into the game 6th in the NL in Sac hits. Tonight it didn’t come back to bite us, but it’s still frustrating to have it happen twice in the same game.

What’s a Synonym for Clutch? – Ramirez. It happened again tonight as Ramirez picked up another hit in the clutch to give the team the lead in the 7th. It’s gotten to the point that when he comes up with the runners on base, I expect him to come through. Coming into the game his numbers with runners on were .325 / .424 / .627. So the numbers support the case. Oddly enough, he’s only had two plate appearances this year with the bases loaded. That’s surprising to me, and I can only credit the fact that Lee has been hitting the ball just as well and driving in runners ahead of Ramirez. I was shot down yesterday by Sour Bob who made the argument that Wright has more errors because he’s had nearly a third more chances. Doesn’t that mean he should only have roughly a third more errors? He’s more than doubled the number of errors that Ramirez has. Judging fielding has always been, and I believe always will be, a hard thing to judge. With that being said, who knows what the voters are using as the basis for their vote. Something’s in the system don’t make sense and fielding awards are one of them. All I was doing was stating a case for why Ramirez has an argument over Wright at this point.

Leather turns me on. – I love great defense. The Cubs flashed some leather in the 4th inning and probably kept a run off the board by doing so. Lee got it started with a great play to save a double off the bat of Luis Maza. Eithier singled in the next at bat, which would have drove in Maza had he reached, but was held to only a single on a great play to cut the ball off by Fukudome, who also flashed the leather later in the game with a diving grab. Eithier, feeling slighted at the single, decided to try to steal on Soto and was promptly introduced to Geo’s arm. Unfortunately, later in the inning, the defense came up on the negative side with a wild pitch (is that considered defense) by Gallagher and a throwing error, that probably would have been an out at the plate had the ball not hit the runner, by Soriano.

Jim Edmonds Watch – Where is he? Jim, can you hear me? Are you alive? I think we need to get a pulse on him if there is one left. Another wonderful game at the plate by Cardinal Jim. A big fat 0-4 has me clamoring for Andres Torres. Don’t like that option? Let me throw out another one. What about moving Fukudome to CF and finally giving Murton a full time chance to play RF?

Ronny Cedeno for president – The Cubs are now 6-0 with Ronny in the starting lineup. Get this guy in there more. I know he made the error tonight, but you can’t deny that he deserves a chance to get in there and produce a little more.

Ratings Ratings, Everywhere Ratings – Just in case you have been living under a rock over the past two or three days, we added a rating system to the site. The way it’s set up, it’s designed to recommend other posts the readership may like based on the ratings. What I really like about it, though, is that it gives me a chance to get your feedback on posts without having to leave a comment. Please take the quick two seconds to rate the posts after you finish reading them, and don’t feel like you have to rate every one high. Give us honest feedback to help us improve.

News & Notes from games played on 5/26

  • Donald Veal only allowed 1 ER over 7.0 innings pitched
  • Ryan Dempster only allowed one run in 7.0 innings pitched
  • Brandon Guyer hit 2 extra-base hits
  • Welington Castillo hit 2 extra-base hits
  • Russell Canzler was 3-for-4

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Organizational Roundup

(AAA) – Iowa Cubs – Won vs. Oklahoma (6-4)

(AA) – Tennessee Smokies – Won vs. Carolina (6-5)

(High A) – Daytona Cubs – Won vs. Brevard County (9-3)

(A) – Peoria Chiefs – Won vs Wisconsin (5-2)

(SS) – Boise Hawks open their season June 17th

(RK) – Arizona Cubs open their season June 22nd

View the full organizational report courtesy of First Inning here.

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