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May 21, 2008

A Yucky Series Comes to a Close

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I’m not a big fan of getting all worked up over losses, so instead I’ll just present some small notes I thought about during the game and we’ll enjoy a day off.

  • Coming into the game, Shawn Chacon had made nine straight starts without a decision. That’s a major league record. At the beginning of the game, I had the thought that we’d get him one. I hadn’t anticipated that it would be the type of decision he got.
  • Hoffpauir’s name always makes me think of Harry Potter. I believe one of the houses in the series was something like Hufflepuff. I’m not sure why, but it just reminds me of that series.
  • Lance Berkman got a ridiculous jump in the 5th. Seriously, can we not try to hold runners on a little bit? Geo looked frustrated each time he didn’t have a chance to throw someone out. He shouldn’t be penalized for those.
  • What does this start mean for Gallagher’s future in the rotation? I think he’s going to get another shot, mainly because of the fact that Hill is injured and Marshall and Hart are still stretching their arms out. If that wasn’t the case, I believe Gallagher goes back down to Iowa.
  • Bob Howry seems to be starting to get into his zone, and it couldn’t happen at a better time. We can really use him to take some of the pressure off of Carlos Marmol. At the same time, Michael Wuertz is not good. I wish I knew what the problem is for him.
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  • How late is too late to ring someone’s doorbell? As I was watching the game, around 9:50pm, the doorbell rang and it was some punk high school kid trying to sell crap. My wife and I fussed him out and closed the door in his face. Was that too harsh? I thought it was just too late to be ringing my doorbell, especially with a sleeping toddler.


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  • Mike

    No worries about Gallagher, give the young kid another chance. Least on a good note to see Micah have two doubles, though in a critical situation late, leave him in? With a Soriano on the bench? I know it’s the right matchup, with righty-lefty but Soriano has the ability to take it deep to left with that short porch. Good to see D. Lee get a moonshot. And great to see Bobby Howry pick it up a little, striking out the side. No worries just a little two game skid.

  • cubbieluv53

    Never had that happen Joe, but I do have telemarketers call me around the clock. The last one I got was 3 in the morning. They’ll get back into the swing of things. Even if all they win are home games they have more of those anyway, right?

  • lizzie

    If someone comes to my door at 9:50 pm it better be to tell me I need to evacuate. Toddler or (in my case) no toddler, that’s way too late.

  • archie

    Knocking at 9:50 when lights are on = ok
    Ringing doorbell at 9:50 = not ok

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