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  • Heck of a 2nd at bat for Aramis. He saw 11 pitches. After battling with 6 straight foul balls, he finally worked a 3-2 count and singled. That’s the way to deflate a pitcher. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the next four hitters got to Moehler. Fukudome came up next and drew a walk after seeing a good amount of pitches and Geo came up next with an odd inside the park home run that I thought should have been called a regular home run. I talk about it all the time, much to Matt’s chagrin, but it’s important. Taking pitches, regardless of the overall result of the at bat, is beneficial to the overall team goals of getting into the bullpen early and shaking up the pitcher’s psyche. Call me an idiot, but I’m not budging on this. I want my guys to see pitches. If you go up there, and get an at bat with some good foul balls, work the count, and go down swinging, I’m gonna pat you on the butt and say “good job”.
  • Miguel Tejada stole third base completely on Lilly in the 4th. He probably could have stole it running backwards because Lilly never looked at him once. He’s got to get better at holding guys on. Something like that is unacceptable. I understand if you don’t have a good move to first, but at least look at the guy.
  • Soriano was completely frozen in the 4th on the ball hit by Carlos Lee. He probably could have made the catch, preventing the run had he read that ball off the bat well.
  • Any doubts as to whether Jim Edmonds could still go get the ball in CF was answered tonight on a deep fly ball off the bat of Pence in the 4th. If MLB wasn’t so anal about video copyright, you could probably find it on YouTube. Instead, you have to catch Baseball Tonight or hope it’s on the video highlights they provide on the Cubs homepage. If you didn’t see it, think Willie Mays.
  • I’m going on record right now and saying that Carlos Lee will charge the mound sometime this season. He took two pitches high and inside tonight and could have been hit in the head by either one.
  • I really wanted Wuertz to take care of business in the 8th so we didn’t have to use Marmol. It’s getting to the point where Lou uses him way too much and it’s eventually going to reap consequences in some form. Let’s just hope that those are not in the form of an injury. We really could use one more arm out of that pen in the late innings to step up for Lou to rely on in the setup role to begin to protect Marmol’s arm. Howry came in and pitched a 1-2-3 9th inning. It would be great if he can be that guy.
  • If you were watching the game live on ESPN, you had the “privilege” of seeing Jon Lester complete a No-Hitter for the Red Sox. I’ll be honest with you. I could care less if I see the last three outs on a no-hitter. Don’t interrupt the game I’m watching to go full screen on another game. At least have the decency to put a picture in picture for those losers like me that actually keep score at home and watch the game from behind on DVR. I had to stop scoring and just watch the rest of the game without the scorecard. Maybe I’m just being a grump, but I just hate when my game is interrupted without giving me a chance to at least switch to a different channel.
  • I went back to tabulate the recap records by writer this year. With tonights win, I’m now 20-9 in games I write about. The rest of the crew looks like this – Rob (2-4), Dan (3-2), Trent (1-0), Scott (1-0), and reader Pepi (0-1) in what, I guess, can be counted as a recap of our trip to DC. There were two games that fell through the cracks and didn’t get recapped.
  • Alfonso Soriano was named the N.L. Player of the Week and hit .525 (21-for-40) during the 10-game homestand to lift his average 108 points, from .188 on May 8 to .296 entering tonights game.
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