First Star – Kosuke Fukudome (.185)
Second Star – Ted Lilly (.150)
Third Star – Geovany Soto (.129)
Top Play – Soto’s bases loaded double in the 4th (+.144)

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Bold Statement # 1Soriano is going to have a great May with the bat and needs to remain the leadoff man…..for now.

You may think I’m insane on this one, but just watching him at the plate over the last two games, I see a different hitter. It’s not just because of the home run and the double. He seems to have relaxed and looks more comfortable at the plate. I’m going on record right now and predicting a month of May that has him in the running for player of the month. As far as the leadoff idea goes, when you look at overall performance out of that spot this year, who else is there? ideally, I’d love for Reed Johnson to take that job and run with it, but it’s not happening. You’d love for Theriot to hit as well in that spot as he has in the # 2 hole, but it hasn’t happened. Who else is there for that spot? Some say Fukudome, but his bat has been much more valuable as a left handed run producer in the middle of the lineup. If the Cubs had another one of those, I’d be all for moving him, but they don’t. That really only leaves Soriano, and he’s comfortable there already. As much as it pains me to continue to admit it, Soriano is the best option out of that spot.

Bold Statement # 2When DeRosa has the night off, Cedeno needs to start.

That still doesn’t seem real that I would type that, but I did. Ronny looks like a different hitter this year and needs to get the playing time on days that Theriot and DeRosa get the night off in the infield. He has the highest ceiling of any of our middle infielders and the only way for him to reach it is for him to get the at bats needed now that he has his confidence up. Last night Fontenot got the start, and hit a home run, but the at bats should have been Cedeno’s from the start.

Bold Statement # 3Gallagher should not have been recalled for Hill

It’s hard for me to pen that statement as well, considering I’m a big fan of playing the youth and giving guys a shot who earn it. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Gallagher is going to be used out of the bullpen, and not to replace Hill in the starting rotation. That’s not the place for him. In his 89 games in the minors over his career, only one was not a start. He’s a starter, so why mess with him and that routine by not only throwing the kid into the bullpen, but throwing him in there in the Major Leagues? If you’re looking for help out of the pen, why not look to Jose Ascanio, who has pitched very well in the late innings? Throwing Gallagher into this situation just doesn’t make sense to me, unless you put him into the rotation.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • had the headline “Fox completes the long road back to Cubs” ~ Great, does that mean we can release him now that he made it?
  • Ryan Dempster did a heck of a job doing the lineups before the game in his best Harry Caray impression. If you missed it, here is a video of him doing it in 2005.

Scouting Report on Today’s Starting Pitchers

Jason Marquis took the loss in his last outing against the Brewers, giving up five runs on 10 hits over five innings. He had trouble locating his pitches, and the Brewers took advantage of every mistake. Marquis was 3-1 with a 3.60 ERA last season against his former team, the Cardinals.

Todd Wellemeyer keeps striking out a batter per inning, and as long as he does that, he’ll be just fine. He’s shown marked improvement in one category recently: keeping the ball in the ballpark. Wellemeyer has allowed just one homer over his past three starts, after giving up five in his first three games. A former Cubs prospect and big leaguer, he’ll surely be looking forward to the opportunity to face his first team.

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Tracked Player Results

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Organizational Roundup

(AAA) – Iowa Cubs – Won vs. Sacramento (6-0)

(AA) – Tennessee Smokies – Lost vs. Jacksonville (1-10)

(High A) – Daytona Cubs – Lost vs. Fort Meyers (2-5)

(A) – Peoria Chiefs – Won vs. South Bend (4-3)

(SS) – Boise Hawks open their season June 17th

(RK) – Arizona Cubs open their season June 22nd

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