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April 27, 2008

No such thing as a stupid question …

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I’ve been told many times that there’s no such thing as a stupid question other than one that is not asked, or something like that … I hope some kind soul here will pacify me and answer some of my … well … silly little questions … things I always wanted to know but was afraid to ask. And, maybe others have questions they were afraid to ask too!

Question #1. What exactly is a first base coach’s job? I know they pat a lot of butts and hold a lot of batting gloves and elbow protectors, but what does Sinatro actually do over there?

Question #2. Had some nice front row seats at Wrigley on the 18th right between home plate and the Cubs dugout and watched them beat the Pirates. Stuck around awhile afterwards since I just didn’t want to leave those seats (plus I like watching the groundskeepers fix up the field). Soon enough I spotted a few Pirates heading over to the Cubs dugout. They were sort of half out of their uniforms and didn’t appear to have showered yet. What were they going over there for? Do the Cubs have better digs than their visitors? Or maybe they were just going to hang out?

Question #3. While watching the Nationals games, I heard Len and Bob several times mention they took the Metra train after the games. That seemed odd to me. Wouldn’t they ride a team bus or something? Seemed odd that they were on their own.

These are the silly little things I like to know. I have more, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks in advance to anyone who will spend time answering. :smile:The Flying Scotsman move

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  • Invalid User

    Re question 3: The Metro stop at New Jersey Avenue is much easier for getting to a good restaurant or bar than dealing with the team bus. There’s virtually nothing around the ballpark itself (one of my clients is a block away so I’ve been there several times), and unlike the CTA the Metro is ridiculously efficient.

  • Jon Pence

    #1 – reminder on outs, confirmation on signs, lets the runner know whether or not to advance to 2nd on base hits, etc

  • lizzie

    Thank you both. Makes perfect sense to me. I’ll add a new question.

    Question #4. Hand-to-mouth on mound. I remember growing up my dad taught me about the pitcher not being able to go to his mouth on the mound unless it was cold. How cold is cold? Lilly was blowing on his hand yesterday with no balk so I’m assuming it was cold enough but what determines this? Thanks in advance!

  • Matt Jacobs

    First base coaches are there to remind players of the situation. Outs, where the first baseman is playing, where the outfielders are lined up, etc.

    In situations where the first baseman is playing behind the runner, rather than holding him to first, it can be difficult to tell where he is. The coach lets him know if he’s staying behind him, or moving towards the bag. The third bas coach does the same for runners on second base. They don’t show it on TV, but there’s a lot going on with a runner on second. Depending on the hitter (leftie or rightie) the SS or 2B is trying to hold the runner.

    The 1B coach’s main jobs are to 1) time the pitcher’s delivery to the plate, and 2), helping the runner with indentifying the pick off moves.

    Hope that helps.

  • Matt Jacobs

    As for question #4) It depends on the head umpire for the day. Pitchers request the ability to blow, or lick their fingers, he gives the ultimate OK on it.

  • lizzie

    Thanks Matt, there sure is a lot going on there that I never see. Or maybe I just don’t notice. I’ve only sat on the third base side when I’ve been there as an adult. As a kid I was much more interested in the cotton candy. I’ll have to pay closer attention the next time I’m there. I had no idea they were talking anything other than chit-chat at first. “good hit”, “thanks man” … that kind of stuff.

  • Kris

    ^Nice–as much as I like the game, I also liked the chocolate malt cups at Wrigley. I still get one almost everytime I go…depending on the temperature!

  • lizzie

    It’s all part of the “experience”. I’m going on Thursday. It’s a tossup as to whether they’ll be selling frozen lemonade or fleece blankets.

  • Kris

    I once sat through an August game in a long sleeve shirt and jacket, and I’ve been to an October game in shorts. Gotta love it!

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