First Star – Aramis Ramirez (.582)
Second Star – Ryan Spilborghs (.457)
Third Star – Ryan Theriot (.248)
Top Play – Ramirez home run in the top of the 9th, scoring 2 (+.640)

It’s starting to get dangerous, how hot we’re playing. Can I tell you a secret? I’m starting to think we’re going to win the World Series. What I need to remember, though, is that no team or player is as good as when they are hot or as bad as when they are cold. We’re not going to beat up the ball for runs a game all year, but it’s certainly fun right now.

Rich Hill looked better until he seemed to hit the wall in the 6th. It’s an improvement, but not quite the start I would’ve liked. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I don’t make any changes until May. For Hill, that means one more start. He needs to make it a good one or I’m off his bandwagon. Whether or not Lou Piniella feels the same way remains to be seen. I tend to think he’ll be a little more patient with him.

Kerry Wood blew a save and, what do you know, a blog says he sucks. Come on people. Relax a bit. Kerry Wood is our best option right where he is. Give the guy a break. Everyone blows games. No closer is going to go the whole season without screwing things up every once in a while. We’ve seen Bob Howry look really good since coming here at times and really bad at times. We’ve seen Marmol blow innings he’s pitched. Everyone does it. There is no reason to panic and start changing things that are working. Let’s not forget that we won the game, which is the ultimate goal.

The offense continues to dominate, with Geo narrowly missing a cycle and Ramirez once again coming up clutch. Every day someone on this team is getting the big hit and it’s exciting to see that some of those are coming in late and extra inning situations. Championship teams take care of business in those situations.

Misc. Notes

  • I was surprised to hear that since this team’s beginning, the team record all time has never dipped below .500. That’s impressive.
  • At the beginning of the game, when they showed the lineup for the Cubs, all 8 starters had OBP above .400. Yowza!!!
  • Rich Hill had three at bats. All three resulted in a weak groundball to second.
Question for the Day

If you had the option right now would you trade Alfonso Soriano, and eat salary, to the Yankees for a lefty like Hideki Matsui to provide the lefty power needed to allow Fukudome to slot into the number 2 spot? You give up age, but you gain a piece that seems to be sorely needed.

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