An interesting story is developing from Chicago that involves Alfonso Soriano. I bring this up because Joe asked about trading Soriano away and there has been some talk here recently about how good or bad the signing and the contract will be in the long run. Third base coach Mike Quade talked about Soriano and said that Soriano was definitely hurt and still hurting from the run from first to third last year. He said “He has undoubtedly lost a step.” Quade went on to say that when he is deciding whether or not to send Soriano around the bases he needs to keep in mind that he is slowed down and that he does not want Soriano to get hurt again. This is interestingly vulnerable from a member of the organization. Look for Quade to be pressured to retract the comments. However, if this is an admission that his abilities are beginning to decline (How many people who have “lost a step” ever get that step back?) this is a very bad thing.

Japan Sinks (Nihon chinbotsu) move
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