First Star – Aaron Cook (.220)
Second Star – Felix Pie (.205)
Third Star – Daryle Ward (.155)
Top Play – Chris Ianetta’s home run in the 7th (+.197)

I sit here at the computer wondering what to write about. I hate writing long recaps of a loss, because I like to put it behind me and move to the game coming up. With that being said, I’d rather lead the discussion for you with some questions and points to ponder. We’ve been getting more traffic lately, which has led to more discussion in the comments. Thanks for keeping it civil and intelligent. It’s appreciated. Don’t forget you can always participate with posts of your own via the diaries.

  • Felix Pie had a couple hits today and has his average up to a staggering .237. Obviously this is not great, but are you starting to see potential in him if you were or are a hater?
  • Jason Marquis went seven strong innings today and kept the pitch count low, despite a first inning that saw his pitches go all over. Is he the third best guy in the rotation right now?
  • Am I the only one impressed with Kosuke’s range in the outfield? He seems to get great jumps on the fly balls and prevents balls in the gap like it’s going out of style. Is there anything that this guy can’t do?
  • Geovany Soto’s four hits in game one of the series was the second time he’s done that this season. In Cub history, only six catchers have done that in a full season. Michael Barrett and Joe Girardi were the most recent. No catcher in Cub history has ever had three or more games with at least four hits. I will go on record and predict that Geo will do it at least two more times this year.
  • What are your thoughts on the concept of using Mike Fontenot in the leadoff spot when Reed Johnson is out of the lineup? In his four at bats, three of them involved three or less pitches seen. His first at bat was very good though, with a six pitch single.
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