First Star – Jason Marquis (.171)
Second Star – Derrek Lee (.151)
Third Star – Mark DeRosa (.094)
Top Play – Derrek Lee’s Homerun in the 1st inning (+.164)

With the team winning a laugher today I thought it might be fun to talk about two of the goings on in the world of Cubdom of late and give my thoughts. As always, we welcome your feedback on all posts as well as your participation via the diaries.

Matt Murton and Eric Patterson
I’m fine with the move, but have to admit that I would have rather seen Patterson get more of a chance. With DeRosa playing the way he has over the last two plus years, it’s beginning to be hard to see where Patterson fits on the team. The front office is not sold on his defense at second and have thus began working him in the outfield. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much opportunity there either. With Soriano being the big investment for the foreseeable future in left and Fukudome in right, the only spot left is center. If the Cubs are as high on Pie as they say they are, then the outfield is taken care of as well. Sometimes I just can’t figure out the thinking. When Lou comes out and talks about the need for a left handed bat with speed, which Patterson fills, and then only plays him once before he’s demoted, it just doesn’t make sense. Why not bring up Murton to begin with if that was who they wanted? At this point, with Tony Thomas playing well at Daytona, it seems best if the team sought to just move Patterson and try to get something of value at a different position. As for Matt Murton, he needs to be in the lineup every day while Soriano is out. Give him his chance to show what he can do, without being subject to a platoon. If you’re ultimately going to trade him, fine, but let him show teams what he’s worth.

Marty Brennaman
If you haven’t yet heard it, Marty let his thoughts on Cub fans be known this week after bleacher fools tossed a multitude of baseballs onto the field late in the game. If you would like to listen to the audio, click here.

It’s hard to defend the fact that the fans throwing the baseballs onto the field as Cubs tradition, because that type of behavior is not the same as tossing the ball back on a home run. At the same time, Marty’s blinding blanket statement that essentially comes across as all Cub fans are retarded is also very wrong. The Cubs and sports in general have idiot fans that go to the games and act like morons, primarily because of alcohol. They drink too much and act obnoxious toward others around them. Unfortunately, ushers spend more time harping on petty crap like putting your feet up, than they do ejecting these morons from the stands. I would love to see the Cubs take the lead in coming up with hard nosed policies on fan behavior, particularly in the bleachers. If a fan is yelling all kinds of vulgar language, kick him out. There is a difference between cursing when something happens and yelling obscene language throughout the game. There is no place for that and it makes it very uncomfortable to be around. What Marty doesn’t understand is that this goes on all throughout baseball, Cincinnati included. To stereotype all Cub fans like he did is very very wrong. I’m a Marty fan, but he was out of line.

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