After starting the season 0-2, it was imperative for the Cubs to salvage the third game against the Brewers. But the game started ominously as Rickie Weeks walked on a full count and Tony Gwynn Jr. doubled to left, sending, Weeks to third. Prince Fielder hits a sacrifice fly to right. But Kosuke Fukudome was conceding nothing, so he fires home in the hopes of cutting down Weeks. As Soto waited for the ball, Weeks barreled over the Cubs catcher, as both he and Gwynn scored on the play. Fukudome was charged with an error, his first in the young season.

After listening to both the Brewers and Cubs radio announcers, however, one wonders if they witnessed the same play. “Not a bad throw” says Pat and Ron, via WGN. And Ron Santo revealed that Soto wasn’t really on the plate, but just in front of it. Thus, they believe it was a tough error to charge to Fukudome.

Listening to Bob Uecker you’d get a different picture altogether. He had Soto on top of the plate, giving Weeks “a fair shot” at Soto. And he had Kosuke “overthrowing everybody.” “bad play, Soto, bad play Fukudome,” said Uecker. Not seeing the play myself, I have no idea whose call was more accurate.

I am going to evaluate the radio announcers for all of the Cub opponents this season and I am very unimpressed by the Brewers. And that surprised me because for years I have thought Bob Uecker was quite entertaining on television in commercials and other appearances. But calling a ball game, he is stiff and unnatural, herky jerky fashion not unlike Captain James T. Kirk. The other complaint I have is that there is no interplay between the announcers. No banter, no give and take. In fact, I found the Brewers’ announcers boring.

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