With all this talk about how Lou isn’t enamored with his centerfield options, and the Brian Roberts trade seemingly in perpetual limbo, I’ve been thinking about a certain someone. Obviously I’m not the only one, because in yesterday’s Tribune, VanDyke mentioned that very same person. Kenny Lofton.

I don’t know, maybe I’m still drunk from drinking too much Goose Island Kilgubbin’s Red Ale, but wouldn’t it make sense to pick up a guy that’s known for high base percentage, speed, defense, and a club house leader, for what I would think would be minimal money at this point. In the grand scheme of things, what’s another $2-3 million for a year? You get another left handed bat, and a bonafide leadoff hitter. And you give up nothing. Let me say that again, give up nothing. Not to mention this would clear the way to move Soriano from batting first, and get him into a run producing spot, and letting him rest his fragile legs in the colder months.

Someone tell me, what am I missing here? Is this too easy? Or am I General Manager of the year? And remember, when Matt thinks, it hurts. It hurts alot.

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