The other night Joe and I had a little pow wow on the state of the Cubs, Bulls, Illini and Bears. We both agreed that the Bulls and Bears are a total mess, and while things looked like they were headed in the right direction, something got all messed up along the way. Two teams that were on the brink of something great didn’t take one small step back, but tripped over their own feet and fell flat on their face. What’s left is one messy pile of poop, that I’m not in the least bit interested in watching, following, or reading about. Why would anyone support a team where the players don’t even want to be there? Paging Mr. Duhon. Paging Mr. Thomas. Anyone? Anyone?

I’ve been trying mightily to gather up the emotional attachment to this years Cubbies, but I’ve been unsuccessful thus far. I sat through four innings of the first televised Spring Training game, I think I watched Jason Marquis look like he was throwing wiffle balls, then turn around and tell the media he shouldn’t be in the bullpen. You got that right, Jason. You should find your way out of town. The following day, I took in three innings of Ted Lilly and decided I could find more interesting program on DIY Network.

Joe equates it to our Spring Training too. We have to get ourselves into baseball watching shape. You just can’t go in and watch a full nine innings. You might just pull something, and land on the DL. Perhaps Joe’s right. Spring Training is hard to watch. Especially this year. Most of the roster is decided, there’s no prime free agent in camp (my apologies to Fukudome, but he’s a B movie celeb in my eyes). I can’t get excited about Pie vs. Fuld, Marquis vs. Dempster vs. Marshall, Theriot vs. Cedeno. That’s a regular snooze fest. Then there’s that nasty little tickle in the back of my head.

What if? What if this year the wheels fall off? It’s a trend for Chicago sports teams lately. On paper we look to be much improved. What if we aren’t? Are we one Zambrano melt down away from the pitching staff being so-so? Will Aramis ever play with a little ouchie? Or is he the new Mark Prior? Good lord, if Theriot goes down and Cedeno has been traded, who are we left with? Alex Cintron?

Maybe I’m having trouble diving head first into this pool of Cubs Kool-Aid, because I’m fearful of what may lie ahead. I don’t think my heart can take another 2003 letdown. So, while it’s great that baseball is just around the corner. I’m just testing the water for now. Call me fair weather, but this old heart of mine, been broke a thousand times, each time the Cubs lose.

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