judge and juryI’d like to try something a little different today. I’m not sure if it will work or not, but today I challenge you to put down your bias and put on the coat of impartiality. Some of you may not like looking at things from a new perspective, but it really is good for you. One of the most beneficial things I ever had to do in high school was to debate the morality and legality of abortion from a stance that was not my own. It forced me to examine my beliefs and in the end made me more informed on the issue. I’d like to challenge you do to the same today with the case before you.

It’s no secret that Ronny Cedeno appears to be at the end of his Cub leash and is not getting any better. Other teams have expressed interest in him, and we see how well he hits in the winter leagues. That being said, it’s time to make the case for Cedeno to be the starting shortstop on this team. Does this mean you have to agree that he should be the starter? Of course not, but I want to see who can be impartial and look at him from the eyes of a GM. What are his strengths? What assets does he bring to the table? You’ve been put in charge of Mr. Cedeno’s life as a Cub. Defend it to the best of your ability. Can you do it? I’ll get you started with the following:

  • Cedeno has more power potential than Ryan Theriot
  • His ceiling, if given the chance, is higher than Theriot’s

I’m stealing this idea from Homerderby.com, who is running the same contest but for valuable prizes like money after you pay an entry fee. The game is simple. Pick your players and the person with the most HR’s wins. Game on suckas!!!

Click Here to enter

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