“It’s game day today and all I have to write about are these lousy topics.” That’s the shirt I feel like wearing today. So what if spring games start. Don’t we know by now that they’re meaningless, a chasing after the wind? That being said, I’m not going to waste my time posting a lineup or writing game thoughts. What is the point? Every year I enjoy seeing people get ambitious and trying to recap every spring game only to burn themselves out before the real games even start.

Instead, I figured I’d use this time to comment on a couple of things I ran across over the past few days.

  • Just in case you were having Michael Jordan withdrawals since he retired from basketball many moons ago, now you can wear Jordan around your private regions in the form of Air Jordan jeans. Hooray!!! (Source) What I don’t understand is this. Wasn’t the whole “Air Jordan” concept because of the shoes? That’s what Spike Lee told me when I was growing up. What’s “Air” about jeans? You don’t even play sports in jeans. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why not “Air Jordan” athletic products?
  • The Hardball Times 2008 Preview book has come out and is available for purchase from Acta Sports (Purchase the book, you know you want to) For some strange reason they decided to ask me to write the Cubs section and I feel it went pretty well. I got my copy in the mailbox on Monday and have already read about a third of the team previews. All of them have been very informative. It’s a nice thing to read and finish out the offseason with.
  • MVN has ventured into the idea of putting together an online magazine and decided that the first issue would be a fantasy baseball preview issue. They asked bloggers and other contributors for each team to submit things and once again, they made the mistake of picking my brain on my thoughts. This one I can post a link for you to read. The other one you have to buy the book. Go ahead and head over to the site to read my preview (MVN Roster Magazine)
  • If you’re a fan of Deadspin.com, we had a chance to sit down and talk to Will Leitch, the site’s founder, to talk about his new book and preview the Cardinals. It’s worth listening to just for the simple fact that the Cardinals will stink this year. Here is a link to the MP3 or you can use the built in player in this post.
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