From Right FieldOn Friday I took a badly needed day off. We’ve had a rough winter here, and I’d burned through two days already so I could sit and watch contractors finish work. Not Friday, no sir. I was going to be a couch potato, and do little of anything. Except maybe play some Guitar Hero III. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a air guitarist extraordinaire. Eat your hearts out.

So after I dropped the wife off at the Metra station, I headed back home to watch CSN’s Sports Rise and a little of Sportscenter. I don’t watch much of either lately, as I’m still in the dull drums that is Chicago sports right now. As is my usual luck, they didn’t run much of anything on the Cubs, and did a short little report on the Orlando Cabrera for the White Hose. The big news for Friday was the Bulls trade, so on a day I was craving visual Cubs stimulation, I got nothing.

Then it dawned on me, ticket’s went on sale via the internet at 10 AM. What a day to take off, I had completely forgotten. Which I’m sure you’ll all be questioning my fandom. How could one forget about the day tickets go on sale? While at my old job, I sat between two other die hard Cub fans, it’s all I heard about all year round. In my new job, I’m only sharing a cube with one person, who doesn’t much care for baseball or sports. I don’t have anyone to have water cooler talk with. Which in turn, makes me forgetful.

So I cranked up the old PC, jumped in the shower, cleaned up, and sat back down at my desk. I was prepared for my purgatory in the virtual waiting room to begin. Too bad, it was only nine in the morning, which then led me to checking in at VFTB to see Jacki’s column, then over to Facebook, off to the Tribune site, you get the point. I plum forgot all about what I had sit down to do. By the time it was eleven, I realized I needed to go to the Village Hall to pick up our monthly parking pass for Metra. I raced out the door, and the ticket quest was forgotten.

It was when I picked up my wife later in the evening, that she asked if I had tried to get tickets. I looked at her blankly, and realized what I had wanted to do. She laughed, and went on asking what I did all day. To which I responded, “I forgot…a lot.”

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Been blogging on VFTB since 2006. It's been a long silly run thus far. I still play baseball in the Chicago North Men's Senior Baseball League.