One of the things I’d like to do more of now that we have instituted the idea of diaries is post more often with more minor league coverage as well as random notes I find. I’m an internet and e-mail junkie. If you’ve ever sent me an e-mail, odds are I replied with lightning speed as Rob can attest to. I’ve came up with a new title for the random notes and things of that nature. The Melting Pot. It’s a collection of some of the best things I found. Will it be daily? Who knows. I guess it just depends what’s going on out there.

That being said, let’s get started with the first edition of the Melting Pot.

  • Over at Dugout Central, they are running a three part series on “What’s Really Wrong With The Cubs: Why it could be another 100 years. I gotta tell you, the 100 years thing doesn’t bother me all that much. What does it matter to me if the Cubs won it all in 1970? I wasn’t around till 1978 and didn’t really care about baseball until about 3rd or 4th grade. For me, it’s been almost 20 years without a championship. That’s a lot easier to stomach.
  • John Rocker mentioned the other day that he failed a drug test when he was playing and that Major League Baseball knew he was on steroids. I have no doubt that it’s a fact that MLB knew of a lot of players. What made me laugh about his comments was what he said about Bud Selig.

Rocker trashed Selig earlier yesterday in an interview on Atlanta-based Rock 100.5 FM. “Bud Selig is a clown,” Rocker ranted. “He should do the entire world a favor and kill himself. He is a certifiable idiot.”

  • Baseball America posted an update to the upcoming draft order. Here is how it looks:

1. Rays
2. Pirates
3. Royals
4. Orioles
5. Giants
6. Marlins
7. Reds
8. White Sox
9. Nationals
10. Astros
11. Rangers
12. Athletics
13. Cardinals
14. Twins
15. Dodgers
16. Brewers
17. Blue Jays
18. Braves
19. Cubs
20. Mariners
21. Tigers
22. Mets
23. Padres
24. Phillies
25. Rockies
26. Diamondbacks
27. Angels
28. Yankees
29. Indians
30. Red Sox

18. Mets (from Braves for Type A free agent Tom Glavine)
27. Twins (from Angels for Type A free agent Torii Hunter)

31. Twins (for Hunter)
32. Brewers (for Type A free agent Franciso Cordero to Reds)
33. Mets (for Glavine)
34. Phillies (for Type A free agent Aaron Rowand to Giants)
35. Brewers (for Type A free agent Scott Linebrink to White Sox)
36. Royals (for Type B free agent David Riske to Royals)
37. Giants (for Type B free agent Pedro Feliz to Phillies)
38. Astros (for Type B free agent Trever Miller to Rays)
— Athletics (if Type B free agents Mike Piazza or Shannon Stewart sign elsewhere)
39. Cardinals (for Type B free agent Troy Percival to Rays)
40. Braves (for Type B free agent Ron Mahay to Royals)
41. Cubs (for Type B free agent Jason Kendall to Brewers)
42. Padres (for Type B free agent Mike Cameron to Brewers)
— Diamondbacks (if Type B free agent Livan Hernandez signs elsewhere)
43. Yankees (for Type B free agent Luis Vizcaino to Rockies)
44. Red Sox (for Type B free agent Eric Gagne to Brewers)
— Athletics (if both Piazza and Stewart sign elsewhere)
45. Padres (for Type B free agent Doug Brocail to Astros)

50. Phillies (for Rowand)
52. Brewers (for Cordero)
53. Brewers (for Linebrink)
69a. Braves (for failure to sign 2007 second-rounder Joshua Fields)

84a. Red Sox (for failure to sign 2007 second-rounder Hunter Morris)

108. Phillies (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Brandon Workman)
109. Astros (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Derek Dietrich)
110. Padres (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Tommy Toledo)
111. Angels (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Matt Harvey)

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