Being the founder of two separate blogs (Rays of Light being the second), I’m constantly monitoring which site is doing better. That being said, I decided that it might be fun to see which site had the better fantasy baseball players and have come up with a contest to find out.

This year we will setup a league on’s Fantasy Open. There are a few reasons why I chose this platform to host the league.

  1. As a user of Yahoo for all of my fantasy play, I have grown frustrated with the fact that a user has to pay to have the live scoring be part of the league experience. offers that as part of the free game.
  2. I have always enjoyed Fantasy Football because the decisions for the week can be made on one day. Fantasy Baseball has always required daily lineup changes, which can become cumbersome.’s league uses the weekly lineup setting.
  3. I can’t stand how people constantly add/drop starting pitchers each day to rack up K’s and Wins. This isn’t much of a strategy if you ask me. In this setup, a team does not draft individual pitchers, but rather a full team’s staff. For example, if you draft the Cubs pitching staff, you get the whole lot of them that week. It’s similar to the system used in fantasy football with defense.

The Fantasy Challenge this year will work as follows:

  • Rays of Light will be represented by Scott Caruso, the site’s editor. He will choose five of his readers to compete for the Rays of Light squad.
  • View From The Bleachers will be represented by myself. I will choose five of my readers to compete for the VFTB squad.
  • Each team member will manage their team with the goal of winning the league. Points will be given based on order of finish with 12 points going for first place and so on down to 1 point for last.
  • At the end of the season, the standings points earned by each team will be totaled up to determine which blog won. The winning blog will see it’s readers receive a book of their choice from the prize library.
  • The league will begin with a live draft on March 24th (my birthday) at 9pm EDT.

If you are interested in representing our team, send me an e-mail and we’ll discuss why you might be worthy. You can contact me at

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