Yesterday we took a look at who makes up my pitching staff headed into Opening Day. Today, the assignment is to finish out the 25 man roster with 13 position players. This one isn’t as tough as I made it seem yesterday. I’ve got to sell it to you though, right?

Let’s start with the obvious ones, since Lou gave us his opening day lineup. Remember, all of these are based on the assumption that what we have in house right now is what we have to choose from. If trades or more signings happen, that’s a whole new bag of rocks.

C – Geovanny Soto
1b – Derrek Lee
2b – Mark DeRosa
SS – Ryan Theriot
3B – Aramis Ramirez
LF – Alfonso Soriano
CF – Felix Pie
RF – Kosuke Fukudome

That leaves five spots to fill out the team. Obviously we need a backup catcher, so Henry Blanco takes that spot. Daryle Ward, who is capable of playing first or in the outfield, fills out a second spot.

Now the fun begins. I put Matt Murton in the mix as the 4th outfielder, but that means you need someone capable of playing CF in the event something happens to Fukudome and Pie. That means Sam Fuld has to fill bench spot number four, which leaves us with one spot left and it has to be an infielder. I see three potentials for the spot.

a) Ronny Cedeno

b) Mike Fontenot

c) Eric Patterson

If option years were not a factor, I think you move Patterson into the spot and use his speed and versatility off the bench. However, with Cedeno out of options, he has to make this team or we risk losing him for nothing via the waiver system. That being said, let’s assume that Cedeno makes the team out of spring. He’s been taking time in the OF, so he could probably be asked to fill the CF spot in a pinch. That would allow the team to choose to send Fuld down and keep Fontenot or Patterson. If it were me, I’d like to see Patterson get the shot, with Fuld getting some more experience in Iowa. So my bench looks like this.

  • Murton
  • Blanco
  • Cedeno
  • Ward
  • Patterson

What do you think? Did I miss the boat? Let’s hear it. Put me on the grill.

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