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January 22, 2008

10 Commandments of a Baseball Game?

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I came across this post on Chop-N-Change, an Atlanta Braves blog on MVN and I’d like it to generate some discussion. What do you guys think of these?

1. Thou shalt not arrive after the first pitch.

2. Thou shalt not boo thy own team’s player.

3. Thou shalt not enter or exit a row during play.

4. Thou shalt not get up more than three times during the game. Exception: If you are seated in the last row and your seat is on the aisle.

5. Thou shalt not wear the apparel of a MLB team not playing in that stadium on that day.

6. Thou shalt not throw objects on the field.

7. Thou shalt not start “The Wave” or the batting around of a beach ball.

8. Thou shalt not cause a scene that disrupts others from watching the game.

9. Thou shalt not yell out curse words.

10. Thou shalt not leave the game before the final out is recorded.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Joe Aiello is the founder of View From the Bleachers and one of the lead writers. Growing up in Chicago, he fondly remembers attending games in the bleachers before that was the popular thing to do. Currently Joe resides in North Carolina with his wife and three kids and helps people protect their assets as an independent insurance agent. Connect with Joe via Twitter / Facebook / E-mail

  • drstan00

    “Thou shalt not wear the apparel of a MLB team not playing in that stadium on that day.”

    I do this all the time! I doubt that the Twins fans really care if I wear my Cubs hat though.

  • Matt Jacobs

    1. Completely agree.

    2. Don’t agree. The Bulls suck, should we be cheering them?

    3. Agree.

    4. I have a small bladder, that’s not fair.

    5. Agreed. People that wear Yankees stuff to Cubs games are idiots.

    6. A definite. Or that person should then be thrown onto the field by those sitting around him/her. Easier for security to pick them out.

    7. Agreed. Both are dumb.

    8. If by scene, you mean, making those around you laugh with you heckling. I’m guilty as charged.

    9. If kids are around, no.

    10. Guilty. I don’t stick around if my time is better spent getting home after a blow out.

  • gwood

    Number 7 is why the right field bleachers at Wrigley are so important. I remember being at a game (the game was moving slow, the Cubs were winning 2-1 in the later inning) where the left field bleachers spent two innings booing the right field bleachers for not continuing the wave that left field was attempting to start.

    Anecdote aside, one of the reasons that Wrigley is such a great place to watch a game is because the majority of these rules are followed. Unlike “the Cell” where swear words seem to be required.

  • Jacki Rossi

    I would like to add one…

    11) Thou shall not talk on your cell phone during the game. ESPECIALLY if you are that fan, sitting in the first two rows, talking to someone watching you on television and waving like an idiot in the middle of an inning. No thank you.

  • Kris

    Huh–I was thinking that most of these rules are broken at Wrigley. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place…but I could do without the pre-party crowd.

    I DEFINITELY think Jacki’s rule needs to be added. And I’d have to second Matt’s thoughts on small bladders. That and sometimes the vendors don’t come around for quite a long time, and I get hungry!!

  • lynn

    in response to number 9: unless we are playing the astros or cardinals

    in response to number 5: i will always were a cubs hat at the ballpark no matter who is playing in

    the rest are awesome!

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