• ESPN is taking over the word! – (Source)
  • Kiefer Sutherland has been a good boy in prison. – (Source)
  • John Donovan of SI.com presents the MLB All Clean Team – (Source)
  • Packer fans are just plane nuts…and scary lookin’ too. – (Source)
  • Geoff Young presents 10 Pitching Seasons to Forget. – (Source)
  • The Biz of Baseball takes a look at effective Minor League promotions. – (Source)
  • Should MLB do away with team scouts? Jason Wolf thinks so, and I tend to agree with his arguments. – (Source)
  • Mike Fast of MVN takes a look at what exactly Pitchf/x is and why it’s valuable. – (Source)
  • John Beamer takes a look at the MLB rulebook for some quirky rules you may not know. – (Source)



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