Trivia Question

I think this one will be an easy one. Extra points if you can nail the number of games as well.

Q: Who was the last Cub player to post a hitting streak of at least 30 games?

A: Click Here

Did You Know?

According to John Dewan’s Stat of the Week:

Chicago Cubs pitchers have led the National League in strikeouts for the last seven consecutive years. But they’ve never led the league in ERA during that strech. Striking out batters suggests more dominance on the part of pitchers, but it also leads to higher pitch counts because a strikeout simply requires more pitches. Also, strikeout pitchers are more prone to control problems.

Is it a good thing for a pitching staff to strike out a lot of batters?

Here is some evidence that suggests yes, it is a good thing.

Based on the 2007 season, pitching staffs that strike out more batters collectively have better ERAs:

  Avg. Team
Top 10 1,159 4.39
Middle 10 1,071 4.42
Bottom 10 989 4.6

“Used with permission from John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™,”

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